Server Room

CSEHelp manages a "dark" (no 24/7 monitoring) server room for basic co-location service local to the CSE building.  We provide a campus-provided, non-UPS power feed and a network feed to each rack.  The room has its own climate control, separate from the general building A/C.  We also manage room access control and will grant ID-card access to you or the designated administrator of your equipment.

Space is generally rented on a per-rack-U basis.  Discounts may apply if you rent an entire rack.

All large computing systems within the CSE building should be housed in this room. Any other computing equipment that requires special environmental conditions should also be located there. This includes computers that require excessive power, or generate excessive heat or noise.

As another on-campus option, more extensive colocation service can be found through the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC).

More About the Server Room