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The Quick Summary:

CSEhelp ( is the department's IT, computing, building infrastructure, and general support group.  For many issues, you may actually need to contact a different department or campus group, but when in doubt, you can always contact us first and if we can't take care of your issue we can at least triage, research, and point you in the right direction.

IT Support in CSE

Please note that while Facilities/Building Management is part of CSEhelp, this section deals mostly with technical/IT support. Some Facilities info: 

The technology/computing environment used by the people in the CSE department is a mixture of services managed by different groups on campus. "Where to get help" depends on your relationship to the CSE department and what you need help with.  "CSEhelp" is the in-department IT/infrastructure/Facilities group.  You can always treat CSEhelp as a primary go-to for support, and if we aren't the right people for your particular need, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.  Our email address is  This is the address of our trouble-ticket system, and is the best way to reach us.

What We Do

For details on what we do click here.

Help-Request Forms

While you can always send mail to our trouble-ticket system at, below are request forms for cases where we need specific information:

Network address, hostname, port configuration

General Information

CSE Server Room

CSEhelp manages a server room in the CSE building.  Details here.

Where Is CSEHelp?

The CSEHelp offices are located on the first floor of the CSE building. Starting in the main lobby on the first floor, go down the hall that leads next-to/behind the elevators. You will see a door labeled CSEHelp. Ring the doorbell at that door for assistance. When possible, please send E-mail to in advance of stopping by to help ensure that the person who can best help you is available when you arrive.  CSEHelp's normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am through 5pm.

Obsolete, Historical Information

This information is not necessarily valid, but rather is just here for occasional reference purposes.