Building Access (Keys/ID cards)

In most cases, CSEhelp does not directly field requests for key checkouts or ID card programming other than from select staff (hiring coordinators, HR, grad coordinators, etc).  However, if you have already been granted access but are having trouble opening any particular lock, please contact us at and we will debug your issue.

Faculty Labs

An exception to the above, CSEhelp does take direct requests for access to faculty labs from the faculty owner.

ID cards

Access to the CSE building and the various semi-public rooms within the building are controlled by card-swipe locks.  Generally, your ID will be programmed for your default set of rooms when you join the department.  Further accesses will most likely need some sort of approval, depending on the room.  

One note: we have found that some ID cards and some card-readers make for a finicky, sensitive combination.  If you are having trouble opening a lock:

  • Be sure the magnetic stripe lines up with the subtle arrow marking on the card reader.
  • Try swiping your card "deliberately" at a moderate speed.  Try a little slower or a little faster than you are currently swiping the card.
  • If you can't get it working, send a note to and let us know:
    • The exact time you tried the lock.
    • Your name and the employee/student ID number on your card.
    • Which room you are trying to access.
    • What the red or green lights do when you swipe your card (red single blink? red multiple blink?  green blink?  no lights all?)

What some of the card-reader light blinks mean:

  • green blink: your card was read, and the id number read is granted access.  The door should now unlock.
  • red blink: the reader thinks it got a valid read, but the number it thinks it read is not allowed access.
  • no led activity after swiping card: either the reader was not able to get a valid read, or possibly the reader batteries have died.
  • slow, repeating red blinking, not correlated with card swiping: one cause of this is when the reader is temporarily offline downloading updated access data

Key access

If you need a key to a room, please coordinate with the staff person responsible for bringing you here (hiring coordinator, phd coordinator, ms coordinator).

Locked Out

If you get locked out of a room, you can contact CSEHelp or, during non-work hours, the campus police (858-534-4357) for assistance.