CSE DEI Committee

CSE DEI Committee

Our Vision

To embody the above spirit, the CSE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee has developed a CSE vision and strategic plan, which forms the foundation of all of our initiatives.

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About the Community

The CSE DEI Community is a group of dedicated faculty, students and staff working on promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion efforts across the department. The community meets once a quarter and can be reached by email at cse-dei-leads@ucsd.edu. These are only a few of the happenings in our department, and as we continue to grow, so do our efforts. Come join us and help us create a more diverse and inclusive community.

Some of our past CSE DEI Community projects include A Day in the Life Video Contest and  Celebrations of Diversity.

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DEI Committee and Contact Info

For general inquiries, contact cse-dei-leads@ucsd.edu


Committee Members

Photo of Gerald Soosairaj

Gerald Soosairaj

Faculty, Committee Chair

Photo of Jishen Zhao

Jishen Zhao


Photo of Barna Saha

Barna Saha


Photo of Emma Hogan

Emma Hogan

PhD Student

Photo of Sandhya Jayaraman

Sandhya Jayaraman

PhD Student

Photo of Ismael Villegas Molina

Ismael Villegas Molina

PhD Student

Photo of Nandhini Swaminathan

Nandhini Swaminathan

MS Student

Photo of Victoria Zhang

Victoria Zhang

PhD Student

Audria Saravia-Montalvo

Audria Saravia-Montalvo

Undergraduate Student

Photo of Lovella Cacho

Lovella Cacho


Navyaa Gupta

Undergraduate Student

Nawab Mulla

Undergraduate Student

Teddy Hall

Undergraduate Student

D'ante McCurty

Undergraduate Student

Andrew Doan

Undergraduate Student

Previous Committee Members

Pat Pannuto (2021-2023)

Ndapa Nakashole (2022-2023)

George Porter (2021-2023)

Sophia Krause-Levy (2021-2023)

Chris Dambrosia (2021-2023)

Niha Bhaskar (2021-2023)

Kathy Chen (2022-2023)

Christine Alvarado (2017-2022)

Ariana Mirian (2017-2022)

Nicole Martindale (2019-2022)

Raechel Walker (2019-2021)

Eman Sherif (2021-2022)

Priyal Sunjeja (2019-2021)

Max Hopkins (2020-2021)

Steven Rick (2017-2021)

Patrick Mallon (2019-2021)

Sorin Lerner (2017-2020)

Shraddha Barke (2019-2020)

Ryan Kastner (2019-2020)

Veronica Abreu (2017-2020)

Adrian Salguero (2019-2020)

Tierra Terrell (2017-2020)

Ailie Fraser (2019-2020)

Cynthia Sanchez (2019-2020)

Margaret Ramaeker (2018-2019)

Moein Khazraee (2017-2019)

Valerie Gurrola (2022-2022)