Server Room Guidelines

Space in the server room can be rented per "U" of rack space (in a shared rack), or full rack positions can be reserved/rented by faculty members in the CSE department.

A faculty member must be associated with any space allocated, and this association must be logged with CSEhelp before access is granted.

ID card room access may be provided to the server room for students who need to administer equipment in the room.  This access must be officially vouched for by a CSE faculty member, and is expired at the end of each Academic Year (June).  At that time, a new request for access needs to be made and again vouched for by a faculty member.

Users should work only with their own equipment.  The shared space relies on the honor system to function reliably for all.  Please do not disturb any other equipment.

Be aware of audible alarms on your equipment, and fix or silence them as soon as possible. For the sanity of others, equipment with long-running, loud, or otherwise annoying alarms may need to have power removed by CSEhelp.

All racks moving into the room must fit through the doors in their upright position. This means that all racks should be no taller than 83”. Legacy racks that were installed when the building was constructed are an exception.

Rack positions are designed for 24” wide racks.  If you need more width than this and encroach on another rack position or an aisle, you will be charged for the extra rack position.

"Crash Carts" (a cart with monitor and usb keyboard and mouse) are available for temporary use if you do not want to keep a dedicated monitor in your rack.  Please disconnect and move the cart back to its storage area when you are finished using it.

All resources (rack position, power outlets, network connections, etc.) will be allocated by the department, via CSEhelp. It is not appropriate to use resources not allocated to your rack. All racks must be labeled to indicate which group is responsible for the rack. All computers within the racks must be labeled with their host name. CSEhelp can assist with labeling if needed.

The department requires up-to-date contact information for all rented space, including the equipment manager, and the responsible faculty member (when different).

The machine room is not to be used for storage. Anything left outside a designated rack position may be disposed of at any time. For example, no monitors sitting on boxes in the aisles are allowed. You must keep your monitors in your racks (slide out LCD panels are a space-saving option) or you may use the provided monitor “crash carts” on a temporary basis. You must keep all items connected to your racks within the three dimensional bounds of your rack. If you feel that you must place something somewhere outside of your rack, please discuss the issue with CSEhelp.

Enter and exit only through the CSEhelp hallway doors.  The double doors are for emergencies and large deliveries only.