Each rack position is allocated 1 (or 2, depending on availability) 30-amp 208-volt under-floor outlets.  Per-rack power distribution units ("PDUs") must be used to distribute and access power.  If you are renting an entire reserved rack, you must supply appropriate PDU(s).  CSEhelp supplies PDUs for shared racks.

All power for the user area of the room is 208 volts. There are no 120 volt outlets or feeds available. You must make sure that you use only computers and support devices that operate at 208 volts (most data center products are dual voltage at this point in time). Some inexpensive switches and KVMs -- along with much consumer equipment that uses wall mounted transformers -- will not work in (and in many cases will be destroyed by) the server room power.

Note: All permanently connected items brought into the machine room must be connected to power supplied to your rack via the assigned power receptacles. You must not use other under-floor outlets or any utility outlets on the walls to power your equipment.

Also note: Power in the server room is not protected with a UPS or a backup generator. In the case of an emergency, individually owned per-rack UPS units may be turned off by the Facilities or Computing Support personnel.