Undergraduate Committee (UGCom) Advising and Mentorship


Currently, the CSE building is closed to general use by faculty, staff, and students due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Only those people included in approved research plans and those teaching in person can be in the building. For further information, please see UCSD's Return to Learn website.

In addition to getting advising from our professional advisors regarding major requirements and experiential learning opportunities, CSE majors can meet with our CSE Undergraduate Committee members who offer advising and mentorship on many topics including, but not limited to: 

  • Job/internship opportunities and how  to get them
  • Career path options
  • How to get involved in research
  • What a particular sub-field is about
  • Course enrichment opportunities 

If you would like to connect with any of our committee members, feel free to email them or stop by their office hours: 

Instructor Name Office Number / Room # Email Areas of specialty/interests: (i.e applying to graduate school, AI, software engineering, preparing for interviews, etc)

Berg-Kirkpatrick, Taylor

  tberg@eng.ucsd.edu Applying to graduate school, getting involved in research, artificial intelligence
Gillespie, Gary CSE 2204 ggillespie@ucsd.edu

General questions resumes, industry, being professional, writing advice. 

Available by appointment only. 

Griswold, William


CSE 3118 wgg@eng.ucsd.edu

Research, grad school, careers, software engineering

Politz, Joseph CSE 3206 jpolitz@eng.ucsd.edu

Grad school, education outreach, software engineering, technical interviews

Impagliazzo, Russell CSE 4248 russell@eng.ucsd.edu

Research, theory classes, graduate school

Soosai Raj, Adalbert Gerald CSE 2106 gerald@eng.ucsd.edu

Computing Education Research, Diversity in Computing, Programming Interviews, Graduate School, Internships, Undergraduate Research Experience, CS Outreach, Excelling as a TA/Tutor, Dealing with Failures, and Imposter Syndrome.

Swanson, Steven CSE 3212 swanson@cs.ucsd.edu

Grad school, research, systems, architecture

Vaccaro, Kristen



Recommendation letters, talking about projects in interviews, interactive and social computing



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