Personal Web Space

There are a couple of kinds of personal or group web space available to members of the department.

Google Sites

As part of your Jacobs School of Engineering G Suite account, you can create a google "site".  By default, these have urls at the domain "".  The Jacobs IT support staff will often accept requests to create a shorter alias of the form "".  To do that, please contact

HTML Space via a Linux Shell Account

Some members of the CSE department have a small amount of personal web space into which you can place your own files and directories (e.g. raw html).  This is generally for long-term department members like PhD students and Faculty by default.

Setting up personal web space content

To set up this kind of web space, you need to put your files into your ldap account's home directory via the OEC-managed School of Engineering ssh/sftp login server (  For more on accounts, see here.

Once logged in, the files for your web page can be put in the public_html/ directory that is within your home directory. At a minimum, you should provide an index.html file.

Note one common issue: you must set the permissions on your home and public_html directories so that they are "executable" by others and the files underneath public_html must have "other" read permissions so that the web server can access your files.

Accessing your web site via the web

Once you have uploaded your contents, you can access your web space from the Internet with a url like the following:

Programming in your personal web space

At time of writing, OEC does allow limited php in your web space.  For up-to-date information, please contact