E-mail services for the CSE department are provided by Google and managed by OEC or ITS depending in who you are and what year you started:

  • All CSE faculty, staff, and grad students prior to Spring 2020: Your gmail/gsuite account is of the form "username@eng.ucsd.edu" and that google domain is managed by OEC.
  • CSE grad students starting after Spring 2020: Your gmail/gsuite account is of the form "username@ucsd.edu" and that google domain is managed by ITS.
  • CSE faculty and staff will continue to have gmail/gsuite accounts in the "eng.ucsd.edu" domain and these will continue to be managed by OEC.

(For more on ITS, OEC, etc see who-does-what).

OEC/Campus Documentation

Alternate addresses

Your E-mail address will generally be your eight character or less campus user name followed by @eng.ucsd.edu or @ucsd.edu.

If you have an @eng address, you may in addition have an additional UCSD/campus address: CAMPUS_USERNAME@ucsd.edu. The @ucsd address will be set up as a campus alias to redirect mail into your @eng account. In this particular case, there is no separate login for your @ucsd address as it is just a pointer to your @eng account.

"@cs" E-mail aliases

You may see that some CS people have CAMPUS_USERNAME@cs.ucsd.edu E-mail aliases as well.  These are mostly legacy.  Note that with any campus alias like this, mail delivery has to go through an additional layer of processing (@cs addresses are actually aliases at ucsd, so the mail is first delivered to the campus servers and then sent back out to your @eng account which is served by google) which can, at times, lead to delivery delays.

Generally, these aliases are discouraged.

New E-mail accounts

Fac/staff/@eng Mail Accounts

Since your @ucsd (and optional @cs) E-mail addresses are just pointers to your @eng account, E-mail sent to either of those addresses will not work until your @eng account is set up. You will receive connection credentials from the OEC IT team when this is set up.

Grad/@ucsd Mail Accounts

For new graduate students entering the university in the Fall, your @ucsd account is set up during the Summer.

E-mail Aliases

In addition to your campus user name, you may request an E-mail alias be created to give you a more understandable E-mail address. Availability of any given name is on a first come first served basis across the list of users for the entire campus. Note that adding an E-mail alias does not equal getting a new user name for other services. Please see here for a campus article regarding e-mail aliases.


The Google mail system does provide some spam filtering. Mail sent to your @cs or @ucsd E-mail addresses will have additional spam filtering provided by the campus Ironport spam filtering service. For more information on the campus spam services, see:


Please see refer to Google's on-line documentation for information on Google's spam processing.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the @eng gmail service, please contact OEC at support@eng.ucsd.edu.  If you have questions regarding the @ucsd gmail service, please contact campus IT support at servicedesk@ucsd.edu.