Emergency Power Off

The server room has an Emergency Power Off (EPO) system which will cut all power to any and all equipment and electrical circuits in the machine room. There is one EPO button at each exit door.

The EPO buttons have a protective cover to avoid accidental shutdowns. If there is any situation in the room which may present a danger or adversely affect the safety of people, immediately contact the Department’s Facilities or Computing Support Staff, located in the hallway adjacent to the server room, for assistance. If no Department staff is available, activate the EPO system by pressing any EPO button in the room.

The EPO system will shut down the entire server room and should only be used when there is a present danger or safety concern. In such a case, if no CSE Facilities or Computing Support staff are available, do not hesitate to shut down the machine room. Personal safety is the highest priority.

Conditions that warrant shutting down the machine room with the EPO system include, but are not limited to: fire, smoke or water flowing into the room.

Several automated systems will also be capable of triggering the EPO system. These systems will activate when they detect smoke, excessive heat (due to cooling system failures), fire or water under the floor.

Once the EPO system has been triggered, CSE Facilities or Computing Support staff will need to be present to ensure any condition that caused the room to shut down has been remedied, and no further safety issues exist. Key access is required to reset the EPO system and reactivate power to all the equipment in the machine room.