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The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) building was designed in 2002 to create a sense of community among the department's faculty, staff, students, and visitors. "Interaction spaces" for scholarly activity are located throughout the building where graduate and undergraduate students can drop in to discuss classroom topics, share research ideas, or hold casual conversations. The building houses laboratories dedicated to undergraduate instruction, as well as research facilities designed for ultimate flexibility so faculty and researchers can work on the technologies of the future. The building provides accommodations for visiting researchers and scientists, reflecting Computer Science and Engineering's commitment to the development of strong partnerships with industry and other academic institutions. In 2017, renovations to the CSE building were completed to include the addition of a Master's Commons working area for M.S. students on the second floor, and additions and renovations to the first floor and basement. 

Building Floor Maps

Self-Guided Tour

Original Design Renderings


Areas of Interest:


CSE 1241

The “Tree Room,” is an executive conference room typically used for small classes, staff, and faculty meetings

CSE 1242

Large modern conference room is used for classes, seminars, workshops, and various other department events 



CSE 1244

Executive style conference room used for administrative meetings

CSE Level 2

Master Commons is a study area specifically for CSE Masters students, which includes group study rooms.