E-mail services for the CSE department are provided by Google and managed by OEC (see who-does-what).

Please see Getting started with Google apps for Engineering for details on using your Google Apps account.

You can log into your Google Apps account at http://mail.eng.ucsd.edu.

Alternate addresses

Your E-mail address will generally be your eight character or less campus user name followed by @eng.ucsd.edu. In addition to your @eng address, you will also have an additional UCSD/campus address: CAMPUS_USERNAME@ucsd.edu. The @ucsd address will be set up as a campus alias to redirect mail into your @eng account. There is no separate login for your @ucsd address as it is just a pointer to your @eng account.

"@cs" E-mail aliases

Some CS people have CAMPUS_USERNAME@cs.ucsd.edu E-mail aliases as well.  These are partly legacy, but if you desire an address like this OEC can set this up.  There is a caveat with any campus alias like this however, and that is that mail delivery does have to go through an additional layer of processing (@cs addresses are actually aliases at ucsd, so the mail is first delivered to the campus servers and then sent back out to your @eng account which is served by google) which can, at times, lead to delivery delays.

New E-mail accounts

Since your @ucsd (and optional @cs) E-mail addresses are just pointers to your @eng account, E-mail sent to either of those addresses will not work until your @eng account is set up. For new graduate students entering the university in the Fall, your @eng account is set up during the Summer. OEC will send E-mail, to the personal E-mail account you have on file with the university, providing you the information necessary to sign into your new E-mail account. Prior to that, you may receive a boiler plate E-mail message, sent by the university, that assumes that you will be using the campus E-mail server. Since that is not accurate in relation to School of Engineering departments, you will need to wait until your Google account is ready before making use of any university E-mail services. For graduate students, and others, who arrive at different points during the year, your E-mail accounts will be set up after you arrive and all of your initial paperwork has been processed.

E-mail Aliases

In addition to your campus user name, you may request an E-mail alias be created to give you a more understandable E-mail address. Availability of any given name is on a first come first served basis across the list of users for the entire campus. Note that adding an E-mail alias does not equal getting a new user name for other services. Please send requests for E-mail aliases to support@eng.ucsd.edu.


The Google mail system does provide some spam filtering. Mail sent to your @cs or @ucsd E-mail addresses will have additional spam filtering provided by the campus Ironport spam filtering service. For more information on the campus spam services, see:


Please see refer to Google's on-line documentation for information on Google's spam processing.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the E-mail service (@eng or other), please contact OEC at support@eng.ucsd.edu.