Each rack position will be provided with one copper gigabit network connection. It will be your responsibility to provide the network infrastructure to distribute the network to the computers in your rack (i.e. you need to provide suitable network switches within your rack). The entire building has a 10Gb uplink to campus. The machine room has a 4Gb uplink for research servers. Each of the 68 racks is allocated a 1Gb link. Please keep in mind that, like all resources in the machine room, networking is a shared resource. Although you might have multiple racks and can technically max out the network connection to the room, it is not appropriate to deny resources to other users in the room. If you need excessive network bandwidth, please work with the Chief Technology Officer to bring in additional network resources.

Note that a rack position does not include IP addresses. IP addresses must be allocated from your home department. CSE people can work with the department's computing support staff on allocating IP address (note that asking for large numbers of routable address may be a problem). Please try to use local non-routable addresses for your cluster nodes, if possible.

Unscheduled network outages may occur, and will be dealt with as quickly as possible by the CSE Computing Support staff. There have been, and will likely again be, occasions where network outages occur upstream from the CSE Building, and involve groups outside of CSE as part of the resolution.

Scheduled network outages may be required for maintenance issues. CSE Computing Support staff will work to ensure these outages have minimal impact when they are required.