All power for research computers is at 208 volts. There are no 120 volt outlets available for research computers. You must make sure that you order computers and support devices that operate at 208 volts (pretty much all data center products are dual voltage at this point in time). Cheap switches and cheap KVMs that use wall mounted transformers will not work in the machine room. It is also important that you have suitable power distribution units for your racks. Each rack position is allocated 1 and a half 30 amp 208 volt outlets. Proper power distribution units must be used (no Y cords). Please consult with the Chief Technology Officer before you purchase your equipment so that you end up being able to plug your rack in in the machine room. Power consumption will be audited occasionally to make sure that circuits are not being overloaded and thus causing a safety issue.

All permanently connected items brought into the machine room must be connected to power supplied to your rack via the assigned power receptacles. You must not use other underfloor outlets or the utility outlets on the walls to power your equipment. The utility outlets on the walls are to be used for tools and other items used to work on your rack. Nothing should be left plugged into those outlets when you are not actively working on your equipment.

Unscheduled power outages may occur. Power in the machine room is not protected with a UPS or a backup generator. In the case of an emergency, UPS units may be turned off by the Facilities or Computing Support personnel.

Scheduled power outages may be required for maintenance issues. However, there may be situations where a convenient downtime can not be coordinated between all of the users of the machine room. Where possible, one week notice will be provided for scheduled downtime.