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Winter 2022 Updates

Enrollment information for Winter 2022: waitlist details, seat availability, and enrollment status

Fall 2021 Updates

Enrollment information for Fall 2021: waitlist details, seat availability, and enrollment status

2021-2022 TENTATIVE Course Offerings

Tentatively planned CSE course offerings: Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

CSE Course Prerequisites

The CSE Department enforces all prerequisites

CSE Electives and Technical Electives

Courses approved for 2021-2022 academic year

Undergraduate Course Home Pages Fall 2021

This page contains links to the CSE undergraduate class home pages for FA21. Please note that some class web pages may still be under construction.

What should I take?

CSE Degree Programs

BS Computer Science, BS Computer Engineering, BS Computer Science w/ a Specialization in Bioinformatics

Course Descriptions - NEW CSE Undergraduate Courses

CSE 132C
CSE 175
CSE 194

CSE Topics Courses (CSE 190)

Course descriptions and prerequisite information for CSE 190s

CSE Seminar Courses (CSE191)

Course descriptions and prerequisite information for CSE 191s

Special Studies

Receive academic credit for Internships, Research and Honors Program participation.

CSE Course Placement Advice

Guidance in choosing which intro to programming course to take first

CSE Graduate Courses

CSE Graduate course offerings and enrollment information

Study Abroad

Information about studying abroad as a CSE major

Other Resources:

CSE Petitions

CSE Department petitions: instructions and online submission tool

Enrolling in CSE Courses

Enrollment strategies and reminders about enrolling in CSE courses

UCSD Enrollment and Registration Dates

The CSE Department does not grant exceptions to these enrollment and registration deadlines

UCSD Schedule of Classes (TritonLink)

Search all UCSD course offerings by quarter


Online tool to enroll in all UCSD courses

WebReg Tutorial

How to enroll in courses at UCSD

Concurrent Enrollment

For non-UCSD students, information about enrolling in CSE courses

UC Articulated CSE Coursework

Courses at other UC campuses that have been pre-approved for CSE course equivalency at UCSD

Course Articulations Guide

How to use Assist.org to find equivalent CSE courses at a California Community College