Undergraduate Degree Programs

Updated 03.28.2019

Computer science is embedded in all aspects of our daily life. Computer science and computer engineering jobs are well-known to be the fastest growing and most recession-proof professions. CSE's undergraduate programs build a strong foundation in software and hardware engineering, as well as the fundamentals of all major fields in computer science.  We offer a supportive environment for our students and prepare them well for solving our society’s most important and challenging problems.  

Lower division classes

In their first two years of study at UC San Diego, CSE students are prepared for advanced studies in programming. As part of this preparation, students will complete the following courses whether they are following the computer science curriculum or the computer engineering curriculum.  Please see CSE Course Placement Advice for assistance in choosing your first CSE course.  

Upper division classes, advanced studies

In their junior and senior years, CSE students study advanced topics across the spectrum of computer science. The core set of upper division courses first establishes depth of knowledge in theory, software, and hardware, and then builds students' breadth of knowledge in computer systems, programming systems, security/cryptography, and machine learning, vision, or graphics.  Students then build further breadth and depth through several elective courses, including opportunities for industry internships and research with faculty.

"Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes." – Edsger Dijkstra