CSE 190 - Topics in Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 190 - Topics in Computer Science and Engineering

  • CSE 190 is a topics of special interest in Computer Science and Engineering course. Topics may vary from quarter to quarter.
  • Prerequisites also vary per course/per instructor. Department approval required.
  • Units: 4 and must be taken for a letter grade
  • CSE 190 is typically offered every quarter as staffing allows.
  • CSE 190 may be repeated for credit a maximum of 3 times (maximum of 12 units; assuming courses taken for a different topic)
  • A maximum of one CSE 190 may enrolled/waitlisted per quarter
  • For sections where enrollment is via EASy clearance, non-CSE majors will be cleared after the CSE Major Priority deadline
  • Per Academic Regulation 500(F)(3), "a student may receive a maximum of one W per course." Please keep this in mind when adding or dropping CSE 190 Topics courses.
  • For the Fall 2023 Computer Science (CS26) curriculum, all CSE 190 courses will be labeled with a corresponding "Tag(s)" (Systems, Theory/Abstraction, and/or Applications of Computing). CSE 190 offerings before Fall 2023 are untagged but may be used as an Open CSE Elective for Computer Science majors who have changed to the FA23 CS26 curriculum

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