Concurrent Enrollment

Updated: 11.27.2019

Concurrent Enrollment for CSE Courses

Concurrent Enrollment through UC San Diego Extension provides the opportunity for those who are not registered UC San Diego students to enroll in CSE courses. You must register with UC San Diego Extension to participate in Concurrent Enrollment.

Policies for Winter Quarter 2020

Follow the procedures for Winter Quarter 2020. Failing to do so will jeopardize a Concurrent Enrollment Student’s opportunity to take CSE Courses at UC San Diego. Please review the procedures carefully.

Concurrent Enrollment is not guaranteed. Concurrent Enrollment Students are allowed to add CSE Courses after all registered UC San Diego students have been accommodated. Although we do our best to accommodate Concurrent Enrollment Students, CSE Courses are in high demand. It is possible that a Concurrent Enrollment Student will not be approved to enroll in any CSE Courses.

Concurrent Enrollment approvals are contingent upon class attendance. Concurrent Enrollment Students will not be approved to enroll in CSE Courses they are not attending.

Concurrent Enrollment approvals will be based on: space availability, waitlist order (e.g., when students turned in the Concurrent Enrollment Add Form), and a review of Concurrent Enrollment Student requests, in order to try to place each student into at least one course.

A maximum of 4 courses per Concurrent Enrollment Student will be approved. If students are offered a spot in a fifth class, they will have to drop one of the other courses they were approved to add. However, due to high demand for CSE Courses, students should not expect to be offered more than 1-2 course approvals.

It is each student's responsibility to ensure they don't take courses with scheduling conflicts. Concurrent enrollment students do not always take CSE courses in the intended order, and thus can take courses that have conflicting class or final exam times. The CSE Department is not responsible for checking for conflicts within a student's schedule, and is not able to re-schedule any aspects of a course to mitigate conflicts. If a student chooses to take courses that have conflicting components, it is their responsibility to work with the Instructor to solve any issues. There is also no guarantee that each Instructor will be able or willing to re-schedule. Please plan accordingly to avoid any course or final exam time conflicts. 

No Concurrent Enrollments are approved for CSE Courses after Friday, January 17th.  ***Some lower division CSE Courses close earlier***  Please see the CSE Winter 2020 Course Updates for the latest status. Be sure to also review UC San Diego Extension's policies and procedures. If there are later deadlines on that site, the CSE deadlines apply.

How to Add CSE Courses through Concurrent Enrollment

1. Register with UC San Diego Extension

2. Complete our Concurrent Enrollment Student Information Form 

3. Use the following resources to identify CSE Courses you wish to take:

4. Beginning Monday, January 6, 2020, attend the courses you wish to enroll in.

5. Fill out UC San Diego Extension Add Forms completely for the courses you wish to enroll in (including student ID number).

6. After the first class, discuss your readiness for the course with the instructor. If the instructor feels you have the prerequisite knowledge to be successful in the course, ask the instructor to sign the Concurrent Enrollment Add Form.

7. Between January 6, 2020 and January 10, 2020, please submit Concurrent Enrollment Add Forms, for CSE Courses, to CSE Student Affairs (EBU3B, Room 1200)

8. Starting Wednesday, January 8, 2020 CSE Student Affairs will review CSE course enrollments.

  • If seats are available in CSE Courses, Concurrent Enrollment Students will be approved to enroll.
  • Notifications of enrollment approval will be sent via email.

9. Concurrent Enrollment students will come to CSE Student Affairs (EBU3B, Room 1200) to pick up their stamped enrollment add form.

  • The deadline to pick up the enrollment form will be listed in the enrollment approval notification email.

10. Students submit the stamped Concurrent Enrollment Add Form to UC San Diego Extension to officially enroll in the course.

  • Check with UC San Diego Extension office to verify the deadline to enroll in classes with Concurrent Enrollment. 

Frequently Asked Questions


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If you still have questions...

Questions about UC San Diego Extension and University and Professional Studies (UPS) policies should be directed to those offices.

Questions about Computer Science and Engineering Department policies should be directed to