CSE Steps for Success

We encourage our students to prepare early, get involved, and check in with the CSE advisors!

Preparing for the First Quarter

Preparing for the First Quarter-Bonus Steps for Transfers

  • Attend CSE Transfer Student Prep - Virtual Info Session Fall 2019.
  • If you have a transfer course that is not officially articulated on assist.org and think it is equivalent to a CSE course, please submit a CSE Petition as soon as possible!
  • Review your CSE Major webpage and check out sample long-term transfer plans.
  • Schedule an in-person or Zoom appointment with your CSE Advisor!
  • If you already have credit for CSE lower division coursework, take advantage of the UC San Diego coursera online courses (Object Oriented Java Programming: Data Structures and Beyond Specialization). These were developed by CSE instructors!

First Year: Get off to a good start.

  • Attend CSE major Orientation and other Welcome Week events.
  • Join student organizations and get involved!
  • Make a habit of going to faculty office hours (and take advantage of going to the Undergraduate Faculty Committee's Advising Hours).
  • Learn about the 2-pass enrollment system (note that this is different than how you enrolled during your first quarter).
  • Create a long-term academic plan, and then make an appointment with your CSE Advisor to discuss your plan.
  • Check out the Early Research Scholars Program.
  • Attend Fall and Winter career fairs to start networking.
  • Think about your summer plans early (research, summer classes, internships, and community service opportunities).
  • Attend the Fall Internship Symposium to learn about your CSE peer's internship experiences.
  • Get in the habit of reading your @ucsd email daily!

Lower Division: Step it up. 

  • Apply to be a CSE Tutor or apply for tutor opportunities at the Teaching + Learning Commons.
  • Visit the Career Center and update your resume and cover letter.
  • Start planning for Study Abroad at least one year in advance.
  • Explore Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP).
  • Attend Instructor/TA/Tutor Office Hours regularly.

Upper Division: Finish strong.

  • Gain credit for your summer internship (CSE 197) or on-campus research (CSE 198 or CSE 199).
  • Discuss applying for the CSE Honors Program with a CSE Advisor.
  • Attend all relevant career fairs.
  • Meet with your CSE Advisor and College Advisor for a graduation degree check.
  • Learn about the BS/MS Program.
  • File for graduation by submitting your Degree and Diploma Application.
  • Join the CSE Alumni Association!