Undergraduate Advising

Updated June 21, 2022

Office Hours and Appointment Scheduling


The CSE Undergraduate Advising Office aspires to create an inclusive and diverse space for a transformative learning experience where advisors and students have a collaborative relationship.


The undergraduate staff in CSE will foster an advising experience that encourages students to learn problem solving skills, engage in leadership roles and innovative thinking, while contributing to a diverse global community.

Goals and Advising Outcomes


  • Students will develop specific educational and career goals.
  • Students will participate in experiential learning opportunities.
  • Students will develop self-efficacy skills.
  • Students will support diversity.
  • Students will value a sense of community.


Students will:

  • Know how to read a degree audit.
  • Know how to navigate CSE department website.
  • Know how to find information on university procedures.
  • Know the roles of a CSE major advisor
  • Create a long term quarter-by-quarter plan
  • Attend at least 2 experiential learning opportunities each year.
  • Develop long term professional goals.
  • Connect undergraduate educational experience with long term professional goals.
  • Access university/community resources.  
  • Take responsibility for educational experience.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Support diversity.
  • Value self-efficacy.
  • Value the learning process.
  • Value a sense of community.


Advisors will:

  • Provide a confidential and safe space.
  • Communicate major requirements to students.
  • Communicate accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Communicate with students on where to find information on policies and procedures.
  • Value stated CSE student learning outcomes.
  • Review students long term plan and check for gaps.
  • Value experiential learning opportunities
  • Discuss student’s long term professional goals.
  • Guide students in connecting undergraduate experience with long term professional goals.
  • Refer students to appropriate community resources.
  • Value student self-efficacy.
  • Communicate with university community.
  • Identify diversity challenges within the department.
  • Value student voice.
  • Invest in professional development related to student learning.
  • Collaborate with peers/colleagues within the university

Maha Haddad,

Undergraduate Affairs Manager

Continuing Students use VAC (Virtual Advising Center)

Prospective Students: csestudent@ucsd.edu


Sarah Bernardy,

Undergraduate Advisor
Continuing Students use VAC (Virtual Advising Center)

Amber Knight,

Undergraduate Advisor
Continuing Students use VAC (Virtual Advising Center)


Student Services Advisor
Continuing Students use VAC (Virtual Advising Center)

OSD Liaison 

Caitlin Van Gelder, 

Instructional Services Coordinator
Continuing Students use VAC (Virtual Advising Center)