Bachelor's/Master's Program

Undergraduate UCSD CSE majors who maintain a distinguished record may apply to the master's program through the Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Program. Acceptance into this program is an honor which carries with it practical benefits, one of which is the simplification of the graduate application process (no GREs are required). In addition, advanced students have access to graduate level courses and opportunities to do graduate level research under the direct supervision of UCSD's faculty before completing their bachelor's degree. Furthermore, with adequate planning, students accepted into this program will be able to complete the requirements for the master's degree within one year following receipt of the bachelor's degree.

CSE Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Program and Admission Requirements

Exceptionally promising undergraduate students in the Computer Science and Engineering Department who are enrolled in the B.S. or B.A. Computer Science or B.S. in Computer Engineering degree programs, and who maintain a distinguished scholastic record through the junior year are eligible to apply for the Five-Year Bachelor's-Master's Degree Program. The number of students admitted during the fall, winter, and spring quarters will be based upon the availability of openings in the program. Because the program may become impacted for a particular time period, student requests for admission may be deferred to a later quarter.

Minimum Admissions Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.4

  • GPA of 3.4 in seven of the upper-division core courses (28 units).

    • A student is permitted to have *in-progress* upper-division core courses at the time of application (transcript update must be submitted immediately once grades are posted that quarter). Updated transcripts with grade results are required for the application at the end of the quarter, with grade results posted for the in-progress upper-division core courses.

    • Transfer students are welcome to meet with a CSE MS Advisor ( regarding completion of this requirement

  • Students are recommended to apply during the junior year of their undergraduate study to meet the five-year BS/MS timeline. In some cases, the admissions committee may consider applicants that are senior level in the undergraduate program.

  • Note:  Meeting or even exceeding these minimum requirements does not guarantee admittance to the program. Successful applicants are often further distinguished by a high level of accomplishment outside of their coursework, either through extensive industry internships or research experiences.

  • Applications must be submitted by the published deadlines below. Grades for courses in progress will be reviewed before final action can be taken on the application.

  • Undergraduate students in the Computer Science and Engineering Department who are enrolled in the B.S. or B.A. Computer Science or B.S. in Computer Engineering degree programs

  • Admitted BS/MS students in BS/MS programs are required by Graduate Division policy to begin graduate enrollment in the immediate quarter after the final undergraduate quarter is completed.

Application Deadlines for BS/MS Program 

Note:  UCSD undergraduates from any major (including CSE) may apply directly to the MS Program.  The application process and deadlines are different.

Estimated Quarter of Undergraduate Degree Completion Application Deadline Applicant Notified Official Start of Graduate Program
 Fall 2021 Spring 2020 October 2020 Winter 2022
Winter 2022 December 16, 2020 April 2021 - June 2021 Spring 2022
Spring 2022

Application opens 3/29/21

Deadline is now June 21, 2021 (Extended)

September/October 2021 Fall 2022
Fall 2022 December 15, 2021 April 2022

Winter 2023

Winter 2023 December 15, 2021 April 2022 Spring 2023
Spring 2023  Friday, 4th week of Spring 2022 Tentative TBD - October/November 2022 Fall 2023
Fall 2023 TBD - December 2022 April 2023 Winter 2024
Winter 2024 TBD - December 2022 April 2023 Spring 2024
Spring 2024 Friday, 4th week if Spring 2023 Tentative TBD -October/November 2023 Fall 2024


Application Requirements

  1. Application: Complete and Submit the Graduate Online Application  **Students should apply no later than the fourth quarter prior to the receipt of the bachelor's degree; i.e. have at least three quarters remaining in the bachelor degree program. Exceptions or extensions to the application deadlines will not be considered.

  2. Statement of Purpose : An applicant's statement of purpose is very important. Please be concise and as specific as possible in preparing your statement. Provide information that will aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your potential for completing the M.S. program of study in CSE. Applicants are recommended to include information about internship/work or research/project experience.  For guidelines on how to write a statement of purpose, please visit the UCSD Career Services Center.

  3. Letters of Recommendation : Three letters of recommendation are required.  It is important that the letters of recommendation be completed by individuals who are in a position to analyze your ability and academic promise.

  4. Official Transcripts : Please upload transcripts from UCSD and all institutions or colleges you have attended since high school regardless of the length of attendance.

  5. Resume: Applicants should include relevant research/project or internship/work experience.


Admitted BS/MS Students

Students interested in this program can enroll in graduate courses before being officially admitted to the graduate program. However, taking graduate courses does not guarantee admission. Once approved, up to five completed CSE graduate level courses can be counted toward the units required for a Master's degree. Be advised that courses taken while in this program may be used to fulfill the degree requirements for only one of the programs, i.e. the Bachelor's of Arts, the Bachelor's of Science, or the Master's of Science. Courses may not be used for more than one program.


Student Advising 

You can contact the Admissions Advisor via email at

Many students are not sure how attending graduate school can advance them along their career path. If you have questions about how gaining an advanced degree can benefit you, or about which schools and programs might be best for you, advisors in the CSE Student Affairs Office can offer you insightful information.

The CSE Admissions Advisor can assist you with the following:

  • Preparation for graduate school
  • Assistance with your statement of purpose, letters of recommendations and waivers, tentative plan of study, and transcripts
  • Final notification of acceptance


The CSE Undergraduate Advisors can assist you with the following:

  • Putting together a four-year plan to follow for your undergraduate degree
  • Making graduate school part of your graduation goals
  • How to prepare during your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years for graduate school
  • How your grades, research, internships and extra-curricular activities affect your application
  • Reviewing undergraduate degree requirements for completeness
  • Enrollment permission into CSE graduate courses as an undergraduate student