Undergraduate Advising: Overview

At UC San Diego, we have a unique advising approach. Students will have specialized advisors based on their specific programs, college, and degree requirements. Here is a brief overview of advising at UC San Diego:

CSE Department Advising

Each student who has declared a major at UC San Diego will have a major advisor. In the CSE department, you will have an assigned professional undergraduate advisor to assist you with understanding your major requirements and learning about experiential learning opportunities that can support your long-term goals. CSE Undergraduate Advisors can assist with questions and issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • How do I create a long term plan?
  • Where can I find my degree requirements?
  • What are the department’s policies and exceptions?
  • How do I utilize CSE Department resources?
  • I am struggling in my CS courses and thinking about changing my major.

CSE Major Advisors are available in person and online for pre-scheduled appointments for CSE majors, and virtual drop-in advising is available for all current undergraduate students. Please visit the CSE Student Affairs Office Hours website for the most up-to-date information about our advising hours.

CSE Faculty Mentoring/Advising

Undergraduate students may also meet with CSE Faculty for additional mentoring/advising related to the following topics:

  • How do I get started doing research?
  • How do I prepare for graduate school?
  • What are some different career path options in computer science?
  • What is a particular sub-field about?
  • How do I find and succeed in an internship?
  • Providing support for students from underrepresented groups

College Advising

Each undergraduate student is assigned to one of the university’s eight colleges: Revelle, Muir, Marshall, Warren, Roosevelt, Sixth, Seventh, or Eighth. UC San Diego's college system allows undergraduates to choose from eight distinct general-education curricula supplementing their major requirements. These curricula range from a structured liberal arts program to a program with a broad range of electives.

A student's assigned college is not associated with their major. Instead, the college is associated with the student’s general education and student life experience. Each college has a different focus, and you can view a description of each college at UC San Diego on the Undergraduate Colleges page.

College advisors will serve as the primary contact for various administrative questions, such as part-time enrollment, the process for repeating a class for a third time, academic standing, IGETC certification, etc.

We recommend that students at UC San Diego plan to work closely with their college advisors and major advisors, communicating relevant issues to both advising teams for academic planning purposes.

Where To Start?

Any of the advising resources above can assist with resource referrals across campus, and students are welcome to meet with any or all of these advisors/mentors. However, we understand that deciding where to start can feel overwhelming for students. If you are a CSE major who's not sure where to start with your questions, we encourage you to connect with your CSE Major Advisor through the Virtual Advising Center.

Students can also reach their college and major/department advisors through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC), which is accessible through your TritonLink account. Through the VAC, you can send a message to your college and major advisors. The Virtual Advising Center (VAC) serves as an accessible online portal, streamlining the process for students to connect with their college and major/department advisors.

In essence, the advising system at UC San Diego is designed to help you navigate the academic landscape. Whether you're exploring major requirements, seeking career guidance, or simply looking for support on your educational path, your college and major advisors are here for you. We are excited to be a part of your academic journey, and we look forward to working with you during your career here at UC San Diego!