CSE197 - Field Study in Computer Science and Engineering



Directed study and research at laboratories away from the campus.

Course Objectives

  • Special Studies Form is required for enrollment. Please find a CSE faculty sponsor to approve this form. A section and section ID will be created and added to Tritonlink for enrollment on submission of form (to CSE Student Affairs Office in the CSE building).
  • Qualifications



Consent of the instructor and approval of the department. Department approval required. An application for Special Studies must be filed with the Registrar's office after approval from the instructor and the department chair.


Instructions for CSE 197 / 191 Enrollment Process: 

(1) Students inquiring about the course/program should read the directions and then fill out the application at the following website: https://sites.google.com/eng.ucsd.edu/cseinternshipcourses/

(2) Submit Course Pre-Authorization. Attach a completed Special Studies Form with the student's signature and a copy of the internship offer letter, as specified on the website. [If applicable - e.g. for international students - fill out a CPT form and include it with the Course Pre-Authorization form.]

(3) Once a student completes Step 1, a student affairs staff member will review the Course Pre-Authorization for course eligibility (GPA and unit requirements) and then forward request to CSE 197 instructor. If supporting documentation is valid (Special Studies form and offer letter), the instructor will approve clearance to enroll in the course. Student Affairs Staff member will review for final eligibility and issue course clearance needed to enroll in CSE 197. The student will be notified via email that they have been approved to enroll.

  • If a student doesn't meet the course requirements (minimum GPA 2.5 and at least 90 units), or if adding CSE 197 would cause student to exceed unit limits (4 units of Special Studies per quarter and 22 units total per quarter) then college approval is required to add.


Other Restrictions: 

Not more than 4 units of CSE 197 may be used for satisfying graduation requirements. (CSE 197 may be used to replace Math 20D, or ECE 53 or PHYS 2C, for BA and BS. Computer Science admitted before Fall 2010).


Every quarter.