Support for Graduate Student Classes

The ACMS group provides computing resources and support for most graduate classes. If you are having problems with your campus account or class resources (computers, lab workstations and other central resources), please contact ACMS at To see what services ACMS offers and to look for information to help yourself, please visit the ACMS web page at

If your class has a TA and you have a question related to a class assignment, please check with your TA first. Your TA knows how the assignments are supposed to work. Since they know the material better than a general computing support technician, they may be able to give you the quickest and most accurate answer. Of course, if something appears to be broken or you have a problem that is not directly related to a class assignment, please feel free to contact the appropriate support group for assistance.

ACMS lab support (B210-B270)

If you need assistance with the computers in any of the ACMS labs or with the ACMS servers (ieng*, please see the ACMS Computer Labs page on the ACMS web site at for assistance.

Specialized lab support

If you are a student in a class which uses a specialized lab (such as the embedded systems lab) and you run into technical difficulties, please check with the lab TA first. The TA has likely seen your problem before and can most quickly assist you. If there is a problem with the lab, the computers or something that the TA cannot assist with, please contact CSEHelp at

Microsoft/VMware/Matlab software for classes

Graduate students may view the software page for information on software that can be downloaded for use in classes.

Other software for classes

All other software needed for your assignments will be provided on lab workstations or must be purchased separately. Consult your instructor or TA regarding any software needed to complete your assignments.

Moodle support

If your class is using the Moodle learning management system and you are having difficulty logging into the system, please send E-mail to CSEHelp at and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • The CSE class you are registered in
  • Your instructor's name
  • Your campus user name, if you are a regular UCSD student
  • How you are enrolled in the class, if you are not a regular UCSD student (such as enrolled through the UCSD extension program)

TritonEd support

If your class is using the TritonEd learning management system and you are having difficulties with the system, please see the ACMS web site at or contact ACMS at