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Foster a collaborative advising experience that encourages students to strive for excellence with integrity, learn to advocate for themselves and others in the global community, and promote diversity of thought while supporting a spirit of inclusivity .


Students will cultivate innovative and transformative approaches to building community in an interconnected world.

Students will exhibit personal and professional integrity and accountability.

Advisors will respect students of all backgrounds and value their unique experiences.

Advisors will assist students in clarifying their academic and professional direction to achieve their educational and career goals



Nadyne M, Master's Program Manager  

M.S. Program & Admissions, MS Student Advising, BS/MS  Program, Prospective Students

   Nadyne was born and raised in California and cherishes the UCSD community.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology and received a Master of Science Degree in Education and School Counseling. Nadyne is passionate about MS students exploring research, pursuing the PhD program, and building community within the CSE Department! 


  Alina Aleaga, Master's Program Advisor 

  MS Student Advising, BS/MS Program, Prospective Students   

Alina joins us from Seattle, Washington and completed her M.Ed in Leadership in Higher Education & previously received a B.A. in Anthropology and American Ethnic Studies. Alina is excited to work with current and new students on their long term academic goals!


 Quinn TomlinsonMaster's Program Advisor

MS Student Advising, BS/MS Program, Prospective Students

Quinn grew up in Los Angeles, California and is currently working on her masters degree. She holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from UCSB and previously worked at the UCLA graduate division. Quinn looks forward to helping individual students navigate their academic plans! 

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CSE MS Advising: SPRING 2020

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CSE MS Advisors Location

2nd Floor, EBU3B (Computer Science & Engineering Building)

Walk-in Advising Check-in: Room #2211

MS Commons: 2nd Floor (end of north-west wing)