Graduate Student Affairs - MS Advising

MS Student Affairs Mission

Foster a collaborative advising experience that encourages students to strive for excellence with integrity, learn to advocate for themselves and others in the global community, and promote diversity of thought while supporting a spirit of inclusivity.


Students will cultivate innovative and transformative approaches to building community in an interconnected world.

Students will exhibit personal and professional integrity and accountability.

Advisors will respect students of all backgrounds and value their unique experiences.

Advisors will assist students in clarifying their academic and professional direction to achieve their educational and career goals

Advising and Information:

Currently enrolled CSE MS students email: and Advising Information Here.

Prospective CSE MS students email:

Prospective CSE BS/MS students email:

Resources for ALL Students on Campus:





Travel Grant

Insights & Advice From Master Students

As part of our initiative, we gathered responses from our stellar students regarding their experiences in the Master’s Program. We would like to share these responses in hopes that their advice and stories will help and inspire you in your academic journey as well.

CSE MS Advisors On-site Location

2nd Floor, EBU3B (Computer Science & Engineering Building)
Walk-in Advising Check-in: Room #2211
MS Commons: 2nd Floor (end of north-west wing)


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