CSE Assistant Professor Kristen Vaccaro is one of  four new faculty members to join the distinguished community of CSE faculty over the next two academic years.

Feb 11, 2021
Kristen Vaccaro and the Science of Social Media

By Josh Baxt   New assistant professor Kristen Vaccaro came to UC San Diego’s Computer Science and Engineering Department from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she recently earned her Ph.D. After spending several years in chilly Illinois, she’s pleased to be wintering in San...Read More

CSE Ph.D. student Paarth Neekhara (left) is one of the paper's first coauthors and worked with CSE professor Julian McAuley (right)

Feb 8, 2021
Deepfake detectors can be defeated, computer scientists show for the first time

By Ioana Patringenaru   Systems designed to detect deepfakes --videos that manipulate real-life footage via artificial intelligence--can be deceived, computer scientists showed for the first time at the WACV 2021 conference which took place online Jan. 5 to 9, 2021. Researchers with...Read More

UC San Diego music and computer science professor Shlomo Dubnov

Feb 5, 2021
Music and Computer Science Professor Shlomo Dubnov Studies The Sounds of COVID

By Doug Ramsey Millions of people already use Fitbit and other devices to monitor and track a variety of personal health metrics. Now, a researcher at the University of California San Diego has published data indicating that analyzing voice signals can detect COVID-19 infection when compared with...Read More

CSE Undergraduates; (l to r, first row) Daniel Wang, Darya Verzhbinsky and (last row) Daniel Cao

Feb 3, 2021
CSE Undergrads Stand Out at POPL ’21 Conference

Three UC San Diego computer science undergraduate students took home top honors at the Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages' Student Research Competition. Darya Verzhbinsky and Daniel Wang were awarded first place for their work on Polymorphic Enumerative Type-Guided...Read More

New CSE Fellows (l to r): (First Row) Samira Mirbagher Ajorpaz, Daniel Moghimi, (Second Row) Grant Ho, Jane E

Jan 21, 2021
CSE Launches Unique Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

By Josh Baxt To help give newly minted Ph.D.s more opportunities during the coronavirus-fueled economic downturn, the UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department has established the CSE Fellows program. “We wanted to create a bridge for graduating Ph.D. students while the...Read More

 Dominique Meyer and Henry Zhang are fusing diverse sensor systems to advance autonomous vehicles.

Jan 19, 2021
Congratulations to Qualcomm Innovation Fellows

By Josh Baxt   The Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QIF) recognizes creative Ph.D. students, providing them with funding, mentoring and other resources to pursue innovative research. This year, five UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering teams were awarded fellowships – four from Computer...Read More

CSE Professor Steven Swanson is the inaugural holder of the Halicioğlu Endowed Chair in Memory Systems

Jan 15, 2021
CSE’s Steven Swanson Named Inaugural Holder of the Halicioğlu Endowed Chair in Memory Systems

UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Professor Steven Swanson is building computer systems that explore how new memory technologies will impact the future of computing. In recognition of his impressive body of research to create software to support persistent memory, Swanson was...Read More

Melissa Gymrek, a professor at the Computer Science and Engineering department and the School of Medicine, is the study’s senior author

Jan 14, 2021
Study Finds Neglected Mutations May Play Important Role in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mutations that occur in certain DNA regions, called tandem repeats, may play a significant role in autism spectrum disorders, according to research led by Melissa Gymrek, assistant professor in the UC San Diego Department of Computer Science and Engineering and School of Medicine. The study, which...Read More

Laurel Riek, the project lead and a professor in Computer Science and Engineering department and director of the university’s Healthcare Robotics Lab

Jan 12, 2021
$1.2 Million Grant Funds a New Generation of Healthcare Telemanipulation Robots

By Josh Baxt Researchers at UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Irvine and San Diego State University have been awarded a $1.2 million UC Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives (MRPI) grant to develop an advanced class of mobile telemanipulation robots. These easy-to-operate, low-cost  robots...Read More