Minor in Computer Science


      Updated August 14th, 2019



Due to the Capped Major status and limited space within our courses,

CSE Minors will not get priority enrollment.

The Computer Science Minor is designed to provide basic proficiency in computer science. The requirements focus on programming methodology and skills, computer organization, relevant mathematical skills, structure techniques, laboratory courses with programming projects, and design and analysis of algorithms. Completing these requirements provides a strong foundation in computer science.

CSE Minor Requirements

CSE lower-division courses (16 units):

  • CSE 8B or CSE 11: Intro Computer Science and Object-Oriented: Java (4 units)
  • CSE 12: Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming (4 units)
  • CSE 20: Discrete Mathematics (4 units)
  • CSE 21: Math/Algorithms and Systems Analysis (4 units)

CSE upper-division courses (16 units):  

        - Please be aware that the upper-division courses may be more difficult to secure a seat for non-majors. 

Prerequisite notes:  The CSE department enforces all course prerequisites.

**Although CSE15L and 30 are not part of the CSE Minor Curricculum, they are required prerequisites to take CSE 100. 

Computer Science Minor Policies

  • All lower- and upper-division courses must be completed with a letter grade and with a C- or better. 
  • Students must achieve at least a 2.0 average GPA in the upper-division courses for the minor to be awarded.
  • Students in the Jacob's School of Engineering CANNOT minor in CSE.
  • Students in the Data Science major (DS25) CANNOT minor in Computer Science.
  • Students in Math-CS major (MA30) in the Mathematics Department CANNOT minor in Computer Science.
  • Please see "How to Declare a Minor" for UCSD minor policies.
  • Students are allowed a maximum of 4 units of research credit/special studies toward the minor.
  • Students may use approved upper division CSE Electives for their minor requirements 
  • A maximum of 4 units of special studies courses may be used towards the CS minor: ENG 100D, ENG 100L, CSE 198, or CSE 199
  • **CSE 180/ and CSE 180R are not approved for CSE Elective for CS minors**

CSE Course Placement

All UC San Diego students are invited to take CSE courses to check out the CS Minor.  All CSE courses are open for enrollment, and most are offered more than one quarter.   You can start with CSE 3 or CSE 5A or CSE 7 or CSE 8A  or CSE 11.  

Still not sure which class to take first?  Start by reading the CSE Course Placement Advice page.

Declaring the Minor

  • Declare the CS Minor using TritonLink.
  • Click on "Major and Minor: Manage major and minor declarations" and enter the CSE Minor code (CS26).
  • Enter the required lower and upper-division courses in the form.
  • Please list the upper-division courses as: CSE 100, CSE 1XX, CSE 1XX, and CSE 1XX.  This will avoid future petitions.  
  • Minor requests are reviewed on a monthly basis, so please allow up to 4 weeks for your approval notification.  If your request was not approved and you have questions, contact the CSE Department through the Virtual Advising Center.