moxie Jan 14, 2015
Moxie Center Stages Open House and Pitchfest
CSE students with an idea for a new app or business venture may want to attend the Moxie Center for Student…Read more
wah Jan 12, 2015
Alumna Receives Best-Paper Award in Vision and Learning
Catherine Wah is a recent CSE alumna (Ph.D. '14) and now a software engineer at Google. She was front and center at the…Read more
osaka Jan 8, 2015
Info Session Opens Door to Possible Research Internship in Japan Next Summer
Recent CSE graduate Allen Nguyen (pictured at left) spent last summer, and fellow CSE alumnus Jesus Rios the previous…Read more
rob Jan 8, 2015
CSE Faculty-Affiliate Rob Knight Joins Department’s Bioinformatics Team
A leading expert on microbiomes and bioinformatics, Rob Knight will be devoting some of his time to doing collaborative…Read more
ranjit Jan 7, 2015
Professor's Star Turn in 'Grad Student' Music Video
Professor Geoffrey Voelker has amassed all of the various visual assets from the CSE holiday party and year in review,…Read more