Award for Excellence in Computer Science and Engineering

Jun 11, 2020
Weiyang Wang

Weiyang Wang is obsessed with solving complex problems, which is why he decided to double major in computer science and physics. He spent the majority of his time at UC San Diego conducting circuit-switching research under Professor Alex Snoeren, an experience that helped him discover his interests in research and computer networking. 

At the same time, Wang was a tutor for several computer science classes, including CSE 132A with Professor Victor Vianu and CSE 8B with Professors Paul Cao and Alex Snoeren.

“Our tutoring program is awesome — it gives us a chance to help fellow students to learn, consolidate our knowledge, and meet other amazing peer tutors,” Wang said. 

In the fall, Wang will enroll at MIT for his Ph.D. in computer science, with hopes of becoming a professor. To be successful, Wang explained that it is important to be willing to dive deep into a subject and take advantage of all the resources that the department offers. 

“I never run out of fun things to think about in computer science (and physics), and these interesting problems motivate me to keep exploring,” Wang said. “Hence, my advice would be to realize your motivation and carry on with it.”