CSE 190 - Topics in Computer Science and Engineering (2016-2017)

CSE 190 - Topics in Computer Science and Engineering (2016-2017)

Units: 4

Course Description:  Topics of special interest in Computer Science and Engineering. Topics may vary from quarter to quarter.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites vary per course per instructor. Department stamp required.

Offered: Every quarter as staffing allows

- May be repeated for credit max 3 times (maximum of 12 units; assuming courses taken for a different topic)

- For sections where enrollment is via EASy clearance, non-CSE majors will be cleared after the CSE Major Priority deadline


Spring 2017

A00: Virtual Reality Technology with Jurgen Schulze 

B00: Micro-Quadcopter from Scratch with Steve Swanson

C00: Successful Entrepreneurship with Arun Kumar

D00: Successful Entrepreneurship with Arun Kumar 

E00: Modern Computer Vision with Manmohan Krishna Chandraker


Winter 2017

A00: Demo Programming with Shacham

B00: HCI4H with Weibel 

C00: Successful Entrepreneurship with Arun Kumar 

D00: Successful Entrepreneurship with Arun Kumar 


Fall 2016

A00: Neural Networks with Gary Cottrell

B00: Dscrte/Cntinuous Optmization with Mohan Paturi

D00: Data Mdels in the Big Data Era with Alin Deutsch 

E00: Successful Entrepreneurship with Arun Kumar