Undergraduate Degree Programs

Updated 2.25.2018

CSE's undergraduate programs build a strong foundation in programming and the fundamentals of the field of computer science.  We also offer a great social networking environment for our students. As you know, computer science is embedded in several aspect of daily life, so we feel it is necessary to teach important and relevant material in every class we teach. We believe it is important to teach students technology that may solve society's problems in fields such as the environment, medicine, robotics, social services, etc.

Per UC San Diego's Career Services survey, common starting salaries for CSE majors from UC San Diego are $68,000 - $83,000 plus benefits. Computer science and computer engineering jobs are some of the fastest growing, recession-proof professions in the country.

Join the CSE Department and you to can reap all of these rewards!

Lower division programming classes

In their first two years of study at UC San Diego, CSE students are prepared for advanced studies in programming. As part of this preparation, students will complete the following courses whether they are following the computer science curriculum or the computer engineering curriculum.  Please see CSE Course Placement Advice for assistance in choosing your first CSE course.  

Upper division programming classes, advanced studies

In their junior and senior years, CSE students will study advanced courses in theory, techniques of algorithms, hardware design, and software development in the upper division courses. The core set of upper division courses enhance students' breadth of knowledge and also provides a deep understanding in these areas.


"Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."
– Edsger Dijkstra