Members of HackXX winning team get pointers from VR Club president and mentor. Jun 12, 2017
Hackathon Offers Welcoming Environment for Women in Computer Science
In early June, UC San Diego staged a hackathon, HackXX, for young women, most of them students in computer science or…Read more
CSE graduating senior Ryan Hill to accept a Student of the Year Award. Jun 9, 2017
CSE Students, Faculty to Be Honored at Jacobs School Ring Ceremony
Student of the Year Ryan Hill (B.S. '17) Jacobs School of Engineering Dean Albert P. Pisano will host the annual…Read more
Ph.D. candidate Tariq Iqbal with robot used in his research. Jun 9, 2017
Ph.D. Candidate Defends Thesis on Coordinating Dynamics in Human-Robot Teams
Tariq Iqbal with robot It's a long way from his native Bangladesh to La Jolla, California, where Ph.D.…Read more
Logo for the Arduino industry Jun 6, 2017
Arduino Workshops Open to Campus Community
Attention staff, faculty and students in the Computer Science and Engineering department: all are welcome to join one…Read more
CSE Prof. Kamalika Chaudhuri dominated the data privacy session with her first papers at a SIGMOD meeting. Jun 5, 2017
CSE Students and Professors Stage Major Presence at SIGMOD 2017
CSE had a major presence at this year's ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD), the premier venue…Read more
CSE alumnus organizes first Workshop on Internet of Safe Things. Jun 4, 2017
CSE Alumnus Organizes First ACM Workshop on the Internet of Safe Things
CSE alumnus Bharathan Balaji (Ph.D. '16) is now a postdoctoral scholar at UCLA, and he is trying to get the word…Read more
Cooperative, horror-themed survival game is one of five new games created in CSE 125. Jun 2, 2017
Seniors Make Final Tweaks to CSE 125 Multiplayer Videogames
Team A42JS's game is a 3rd-person, cooperative,  horror-themed survival game It's not often that the final…Read more
CSE Associate Teaching Professor Christine Alvarado to receive three teaching awards. Jun 1, 2017
CSE Professor Recognized Not Once, Not Twice, but Three Times in Year-End Honors
CSE Associate Teaching Professor Christine Alvarado is no stranger to winning awards, particularly for her teaching.…Read more
Glove powered by soft robotics simulates tactile feedback in VR environments. May 30, 2017
Soft Robotics Glove to Interact with Virtual Reality Environments
Engineers at UC San Diego are using soft robotics technology to make light, flexible gloves that allow users to feel…Read more
Engineering members of the Yonder Dynamics team May 25, 2017
A Race to Build the Smartest Rover
Computer Science alumnus Alex Smith (B.S. '16) may have graduated, but he's still spending most of his time on campus…Read more
CSE professor Pavel Pevzner co-authored a new approach to nanopore-based protein identification. May 24, 2017
Nanopore Technology Makes Leap from DNA Sequencing to Identifying Proteins
In the May issue of PLOS Computational Biology, scientists from UC San Diego and the University of Notre Dame report on…Read more
CSE professor George Porter in his office overlooking the engineering courtyard. May 23, 2017
CSE Professor Lobbies Congress to Save Research Funding for Grad Students
With a major new project approved but put on hold in light of the Trump Administration's plan to cut back research…Read more
Testing uncovered VW 'defeat' device that reduced emissions if the car was undergoing emission testing. May 22, 2017
Researchers Find Computer Code that Volkswagen Used to Cheat Emissions Tests
An international team of researchers has uncovered the mechanism that allowed Volkswagen to circumvent U.S. and…Read more
CSE alumnus Matthew Der (Ph.D. '15) is now CTO of a Virginia machine learning startup, Notch. May 17, 2017
CSE Alumnus Leverages Machine Learning to Help Companies (and Hometown) Grow
UC San Diego computer science alumnus Matthew Der (Ph.D. '15) was one of the few fresh graduates from the Computer…Read more
CSE Chair Tullsen (top right) and others attended Integrity Awards Ceremony representing CSE. May 15, 2017
CSE Department Honored for Efforts to Ensure Academic Integrity
At the campus-wide 7th annual Integrity Awards Ceremony, UC San Diego recognized 11 individual members of the campus…Read more
Final WIC and GradWIC joint meeting of the 2016-2017 academic year. May 12, 2017
Women in Computer Architecture
CSE students have an opportunity to hear from a guest speaker who can talk about her own experiences in the field of…Read more
Students ages 7-18 learn the basic of coding with help from undergraduate mentors. May 12, 2017
Alumni Education Startup Seeks to Hire Two CS Undergrads to Mentor Youngsters in Sunday Workshops
The alumni-run startup ThoughtSTEM is looking for some of the best undergraduate students in computer science at UC San…Read more
Students demonstrate project application created in professor Schulze's VR course in spring quarter. May 11, 2017
Giving Students a Place to Prep for Tomorrow's Virtual (Reality) Economy
Computer science department opens high-tech teaching lab for undergraduates San Diego, May 11, 2017 — It’s a…Read more
Student test drives new app on HTC Vive system widely used by VR Club members. May 11, 2017
Interest in Campus Virtual Reality Club Reaches All-Time High
San Diego, May 11, 2017 — The opening of the Virtual Reality Lab (see main article) in the Computer Science and…Read more
Professor John DeNero explains success of new undergraduate Data Science elective at UC Berkeley. May 3, 2017
Undergraduate Data Science at UC Berkeley
As CSE gets ready to offer an undergraduate degree in Data Science, the program invited UC Berkeley professor John…Read more