Matt Shea

May 26, 2015
Alumnus Elevated to CEO at Games Company

A former member of the CSE Alumni Board, Matt Shea (BS, Computer Science '97) has now become Chief Executive Officer at the games company, WildTangent, where he has worked for 13 years. Two years ago the Puget Sound Business Journal named Shea to its list of "40 Under 40" leading executives in the...Read More

Taking Discover Beyond Data

May 22, 2015
Taking Discovery Beyond Data

CSE Chair Rajesh Gupta made the cover of the UC San Diego Extension Summer 2015 Catalog, which carries a cover story on "Taking Discovery Beyond Data".  Writer John B.B. Freeman interviewed Gupta for the article about the ways in which computer science is exploring new frontiers  and...Read More

IDI Proposals for Funding in 2015-16

May 22, 2015
Deadline to Submit IDI Proposals for Funding in 2015-16

Vice Chancellor for Research Sandra Brown and CSE Prof. Larry Smarr in his capacity as director of UC San Diego's Integrated Digital Infrastructure (IDI) initiative have set a deadline of June 15 for faculty seeking support of two kinds: funding for transformational projects, and funding for...Read More

Tom Risten

May 22, 2015
Alumnus Reports on Advances in Encryption for the Cloud

"Data Encryption in the Cloud: Square Pegs in Round Holes" is the title of a guest article by CSE alumnus Tom Ristenpart (PhD '10), on Information Week's DARK Reading information security website. In it, the computer science professor from the University of Wisconsin reports that conventional...Read More

Scott Klemmer

May 21, 2015
Discussion Groups for the Online Classroom (and Off)

CSE and Cogntive Science professor Scott Klemmer (right) is one of the brains behind a new tool called Talkabout, developed at UC San Diego and Stanford and already deployed as part of Klemmer's massive open online course (MOOC) on human-computer interaction. Talkabout is a virtual discussion...Read More

Zachary Liption

May 19, 2015
A Graduate Student's Perspective on Data Scientists

As CSE seeks campus approval for a new major in Data Science and Engineering, Ph.D. student Zachary Chase Lipton asks the question: "Will the real data scientists please stand up?" That's the title of his May 19 column in KDnuggets, which covers data mining, analytics, big data and data scence. In...Read More

Students Put Finishing Touches to 3D, Multiplayer Networked Games

May 15, 2015
Students Put Finishing Touches to 3D, Multiplayer Networked Games

Mark June 5th on your calendar. That's when five teams of students taking the CSE 125 capstone course on software system design and implementation -- better known as "the videogame course" -- will present their final projects and give audience members an opportunity to play the 3D, networked and...Read More

Jason Oberg

May 15, 2015
CSE Computer Security Startup Starts Selling Toolkit

A startup out of the CSE department is flexing its muscles. This week, Tortuga Logic's co-founder and CEO, CSE alumnus Jason Oberg (PhD '13) announced immediate availability of the company's toolkit to transform the way hardware designers and system architects test the security of hardware designs...Read More

ThinkTank: Future of Digital Health

May 14, 2015
Gordon Center Stages Sixth Annual Think Tank

This Friday and Saturday, the Gordon Engineering Leadership Center is hosting another of its "Think Tank" symposium series, this one focused on digital health. Think Tank: The Future of Digital Health May 15-16, 2015 Friday 8am-5pm; Saturday 8am-2pm Qualcomm Conference Center Jacobs Hall...Read More

Sarah Meiklehjohn

May 14, 2015
2015 Chancellor's Dissertation Medal Honors CSE Alumna

CSE alumna Sarah Meiklejohn received her Ph.D. in computer science in 2014, and soon after accepted a faculty position at University College London in the UK, where she is a lecturer and assistant professor in the computer science as well as security-and-crime departments. For a researcher with...Read More