Ariana and Veronica

Feb 4, 2020
Two CSE Members Honored for Advocacy in Diversity and Inclusion

Two members of the Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) have been honored with Inclusive Excellence Awards from UC San Diego for their contributions to a more diverse and inclusive community. CSE Ph.D. student Ariana Mirian and CSE Undergraduate Affairs Manager Veronica Abreu...Read More

Alex C. Snoeren

Jan 29, 2020
UC San Diego Computer Scientist Alex C. Snoeren Elected IEEE Fellow

  UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department professor and vice chair Alex C. Snoeren has been elected to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow class of 2020 for his “contributions to management and security of networked systems.” Recognition...Read More

Congrats Sorin Lerner: CSE’s 2018-19 Teacher of the Year

Jan 22, 2020
Congrats Sorin Lerner: CSE’s 2018-19 Teacher of the Year

Sorin Lerner, a tireless supporter of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, has been honored by the Jacobs School of Engineering as CSE Teacher of the year. Lerner, who is the department’s Vice Chair for Graduate Affairs, teaches a number of undergraduate and graduate courses and...Read More

Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship Recognizes Two Outstanding Scholars

Jan 8, 2020
Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship Recognizes Two Outstanding Scholars

Each year, the Center for Networked Systems (CNS)  awards the Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship  to one or more students for their academic commitment, particularly in networked systems, and their ongoing support for the LGBTQ community.   Read More...Read More

What’s on the Menu? AI Can Help

Dec 12, 2019
What’s on the Menu? AI Can Help

  Research from computer scientists at the University of California San Diego could eventually lead to AI-generated recipes—customized to your personal taste. The study breaks new ground in natural language processing, which studies how AI understands and generates human (natural) language....Read More

Computer Science and Engineering Department’s Celebration of Diversity highlights challenges, points towards solutions

Nov 21, 2019
I Sit in the Red Chair Because…

They came in droves to sit in the Red Chair–graduate students, undergrads, faculty, staff, deans, the chancellor. They came to express their thoughts on diversity—and the results were powerful. “I sit so that one day every student can look at their classroom and see people who are like them,” said...Read More

Self-Driving Mail Delivery Begins on Campus

Nov 14, 2019
Self-Driving Mail Delivery Begins on Campus

Harry Potter had his magical owl, Hedwig, to bring him mail. UC San Diego has driverless cars. If you’ve seen carts that look like they’re driving themselves on the road around Warren and Sixth College this quarter, you have not been imagining things. Two self-driving vehicles have been delivering...Read More

Kuri with Ipad

Nov 8, 2019
Researchers receive $2.3M in NSF grants to investigate how robots can be used to provide personalized healthcare

San Diego, Calif., Nov. 6, 2019--Computer science professor Laurel Riek is the lead researcher on $2.3 million in new grants from the National Science Foundation to investigate how intelligent, personalized robots can be used to support neurorehabilitation for adults with mild cognitive impairment...Read More

Hidden Biases in Healthcare

Oct 25, 2019
Hidden Biases in Healthcare

  Individuals have their own inherent biases. Most are harmless – preferred foods, favorite cars, go-to streaming services. However, biases tied to race, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status have serious consequences. This is particularly true in medicine. Unintentional,...Read More

Introducing our New Faculty

Oct 1, 2019
Introducing our New Faculty

By Josh Baxt   Welcoming new faculty to CSE is an important rite of fall. It signals the start of a new school year and new ideas and research recirculating through the department. This year, we have several new faculty joining the CSE Department. “One of the reasons we are top-rated program is...Read More