Readers and Tutors

About Tutoring

All undergraduate students are encouraged to be a Tutor, for many reasons.  

  • Tutoring is an excellent way to improve communication and people skills, to learn to work in groups to set and accomplish goals, and to learn teaching skills that will be beneficial for future internships or jobs in academia or industry.
  • Tutors work closely with faculty who can become mentors and references.
  • Tutors play an important role in providing a quality education for other undergraduate students, and achieving the educational goals of the course.  
  • Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm, to mention just a few, have told us that the tutoring experience on a resume is highly valued, both for internships and for post-graduation job placement. 

Position Descriptions


A Reader assists a course instructor by grading homework, papers, or exams and may also hold office hours to answer students questions about such assignments.


A Tutor assists the instructor by providing tutoring to individual students or small groups of students who require additional help. A tutor, as needed, is expected to facilitate small group discussions, hold office hours and be accessible to students. 

Hiring Eligibility and Criteria:

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Have completed at least two quarters at UCSD prior to you applying to tutor
  • Earned a minimum grade of B in the course (or its equivalent)
  • A student may not assist in a course in which s/he is enrolled
  • All students must enroll in CSE 95 the first quarter of being a Tutor in a CSE course

Tutor/Reader Description of Duties Form

Fall 2018 CSE Tutor Application - Priority deadline is July 2nd

Fall 2018 DSC Tutor Application - Priority deadline is July 2nd

If you have any questions please contact the CSE Peer Advisers.