2019-2020 CSE Electives and Technical Electives

Updated 05.14.2019

The following information is for the 2019-2020 academic year only. 

Any upper division CSE course between CSE 100-190 that is 4 units, taken for a letter grade, and not being used for another major requirement may be used towards an upper division CSE Elective or Technical Elective. Additionally, the discipline of computer science and engineering interacts with a number of other disciplines in a mutually beneficial way. The following is a list of upper division courses from other disciplines that can be counted as either CSE Electives or non-CSE Technical Electives. Please refer to your appropriate Degree Program for maximum Technical Elective credit.  Technical Electives cannot be used as an UD CSE Elective.

Students may not receive duplicate credit for equivalent courses. The UCSD General Catalog should be consulted for equivalency information and any restrictions placed on the courses. Additional restrictions are noted below. Any deviation from this list must be petitioned.

For Degree Audit inquiries, contact the Virtual Advising Center.  Courses listed below may not automatically move over on the degree audit. You may need to submit a request via the VAC for an advisor to process move the course over  on your degree audit manually.

CSE does not manage enrollment for courses in other departments. Unless you are told otherwise by someone in the respective department, students should assume they will need to meet all prerequisites before being allowed to enroll in any course listed below.


Please note: All major requirements must be taken for a letter grade, including Technical Electives. The only exceptions are: CSE 197, CSE 198, and CSE 199.  


+ Computer Science and Engineering

+ Cognitive Science

+ Data Science

+ Education Studies

+ Electrical & Computer Engineering

+ Engineering (Global Ties)

+ Linguistics


+ Cognitive Science

+ Communication

+ Data Science

+ Economics

+ Education Studies

+ Electrical and Computer Engineering

+ Engineering (Global Ties)

+ Linguistics

+ Mathematics

+ Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering

+ Music

+ Physics

+ Psychology

+ Rady School of Management


+ Visual Arts

+ Warren College Technical Writing