2019-2020 Tentative Undergraduate Course Offerings

Last Update: 5.9.2019

Courses and Instructors Are Subject to Change

This page is NOT intended to be considered official or final.

See Schedule of Classes for the number of sections offered

If "Staff" is listed for the instructor, it usually means a visiting lecturer will be hired.  We do not release lecturer names until the hire is official.  

Course # Title Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Summer 2019
Session 1
Summer 2019
Session 2
CSE 3 Fluency/Information Technology STAFF STAFF Politz    
CSE 4GS Mathematical Beauty in Rome       Pasquale  
CSE 5A Introduction to Programming I STAFF     STAFF STAFF
(Reserved for SEI students)
CSE 6GS Mathematical Beauty in Rome - Lab       Pasquale  
CSE 8A Intro/Computer Science: Java (I) Alvarado
Politz Porter    
CSE 8B Intro/Computer Sci. Java (II) STAFF STAFF STAFF    
CSE 11 Intr/Computer Sci&Obj-Ori:Java STAFF STAFF Politz STAFF STAFF
CSE 12 Basic Data Struct & OO Design Gillespie Gillespie Alvarado    
CSE 15L Software Tools and Techniques Lab Gillespie Gillespie Gillespie    
CSE 20 Intro/Discrete Mathematics Minnes Kemp Minnes Kemp STAFF STAFF STAFF
CSE 21 Math/Algorithm&Systems Analys Impagliazzo Kahng STAFF STAFF STAFF
CSE 30 Computer Organiz&Systms Progrm L. Porter STAFF STAFF   STAFF
CSE 42 Bldg & Programming Elct Device SWANSON        
CSE 95 Tutor Apprentice Politz Gillespie Alvarado    
CSE 100 Advanced Data Structures Sahoo STAFF STAFF   STAFF
CSE 101 Design & Analysis of Algorithm STAFF STAFF Dasgupta
CSE 103 Practical Intro/Prob & Stats Freund        
CSE 105 Theory of Computation Lovett STAFF Minnes Kemp    
CSE 106 Discrete/Cont Optimization Paturi        
CSE 107 Intro/Modern Cryptography Micciancio   Bellare    
CSE 110 Software Engineering Gillespie Griswold Gillespie    
CSE 112 Advanced Software Engineering     Powell    
CSE 118 Ubiquitous Computing          
CSE 120 Princ/Computer Operating Systm Voelker Pasquale Zhou    
CSE 123 Computer Networks Snoeren   Shalev   STAFF
CSE 124 Networked Services   Porter      
CSE 125 Software Sys Design & Implemnt     Voelker    
CSE 127 Intro to Computer Security Deian
Deian Savage    
CSE 130 Progrmng Lang:Princpl&Paradigm Jhala Polikarpova Polikarpova STAFF STAFF
CSE 131 Compiler Construction Politz        
CSE 132A Database System Principles Deutsch Vianu      
CSE 132B Database System Applications     Deutsch    
CSE 134B Web Client Languages Powell     STAFF  
CSE 135 Online Database Analytics Applications   Powell      
CSE 136 Enterprise-class Web Applcatns          
CSE 140 Component&Desgn Tech/Digtl Sys STAFF Rosing STAFF STAFF STAFF
CSE 140L Digital Systems Laboratory STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF
CSE 141 Intro/Computer Architecture Zhao Porter Esmaeilzadeh STAFF STAFF
CSE 141L Project/Computer Architecture STAFF Porter STAFF STAFF STAFF
CSE 143 Microelectronic System Design          
CSE 145 Embedded System Design Project     Kastner    
CSE 148 Adv Processor Arch Design Proj     Tullsen    
CSE 150A AI: Probabilistic Models   Alvarado      
CSE 150B AI: Search and Reasoning     Gao    
CSE 151 Intro to A.I. Stats Approach Berg-Kirkpatrick Chaudhuri Eldridge STAFF STAFF
CSE 152 Intro to Computer Vision Su Kriegman      
CSE 154 Deep Learning Cottrell        
CSE 156 Statistical NLP     Nakashole    
CSE 158 Recommender Sys&Web Mining Mcauley        
CSE 160 Intro to Parallel Computing          
CSE 163 Advanced Computer Graphics     STAFF    
CSE 165 3D User Interfaces   STAFF      
CSE 166 Image Processing     STAFF    
CSE 167 Computer Graphics Schulze STAFF      
CSE 168 Computer Graphics II:Rendering     Ramamoorthi    
CSE 169 Computer Animation     STAFF    
CSE 170 Interaction Design   Klemmer      
CSE 176A Healthcare Robotics     Riek    
CSE 176E Robotic Sys Design & Implemnt     Swanson    
CSE 180 Biology Meets Computing          
CSE 181 Molecular Sequence Analysis   Pevzner      
CSE 182 Biological Databases     Bafna    
CSE 185 Advanced Bioinformatics Lab     Gymrek    
CSE 190 Topics/Computer Sci & Engineer       STAFF STAFF
CSE 191 Semnr/Computer Sci & Engineer          
CSE 193 Introduction to CS Research Alvarado        
CSE 197 Field Study/Computer Sci&Engin Minnes Kemp Minnes Kemp Minnes Kemp Minnes Kemp Minnes Kemp