DeepMind Fellows



Avni Kothari

Degrees in Economics and Math, minor in Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

“I am grateful for all the resources DeepMind provides us. The events with other scholars and industry leaders are motivating and thought provoking, providing me with different perspectives on open problems in AI while challenging my future goals.

I am passionate about the intersection of technology and social good. I am currently interested in trustworthiness and privacy in AI. After my master’s degree, I am considering a PhD in one of these fields. My mentor will be an invaluable resource in helping me weigh my options and give me advice on how I can progress as a researcher.”


Henry Li

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“This fellowship has given me a unique opportunity to explore different topics in AI and ML and to meet students, mentors, and professionals not only at UC San Diego but from around the world. The DeepMind Scholars network is expansive and everyone has unique backgrounds and ambitions.

My vision for the future is a world where all students are able to get a personalized education regardless of their background. The fellowship gives me an opportunity to work with professors, thought leaders and other fellows to conduct research on recommender systems for education.” 




Anshuman Dewangan

BS, Business Administration; BA, Statistics; BA, Economics
UC Berkeley

Imagine a future in which you can wear a headset that senses when you're feeling down from patterns in your brain waves and suggests an activity (deep breathing, jogging, calling a friend) to improve your mood based on data that the activity has proven to help you (and others like you) in the past. The DeepMind Fellowship allows me to put my passion for AI and mental health technology into action and begin making this dream a reality.

My mission is to leverage neural and digital data to promote personalized behavior change interventions for better mental and social wellness at scale. Access to mentorship from DeepMind's global and interdisciplinary AI experts will help me navigate through academia and industry to become a thought leader in the space.”


Ulyana Tkachenko

BS, Computer Science
UC Riverside

“I look forward to utilizing DeepMind’s mentorships program and professional learning opportunities to create a network of peers who are similarly interested in developing AI for social good.

I recognize many real-world issues where AI applications could identify ways to improve the sociological and ecological state of our world. A key focus of DeepMind is conducting research in areas such as medical health and carbon footprint reduction that provide tangible, positive impact to society. In my undergraduate research, I had firsthand experience utilizing data to better represent and ultimately help alleviate homelessness within Riverside County. As my future career goal, I plan to work on similar projects which directly benefit underprivileged spaces that are often overlooked by mainstream tech.”


Garrett Wolfe

BS, Computer Science
UC Irvine

“I hope to use this opportunity provided to me by this fellowship to expand my knowledge of the theory behind AI and the technical skills needed to apply it. I also hope to collaborate with my mentor to gain insight into the more pragmatic and real-world issues that can arise as well as the ethical concerns that it may bring.

My goal is to someday build an equitable education platform with artificially intelligent tutors that can adapt to the specific needs of individual students from all backgrounds. It’s an ambitious and far-off goal, but those are exactly the kind of goals that DeepMind strives to meet. Through this fellowship, with the lessons I learn and the friendships I make, I think it is attainable.”