"A Day in the Life": Video Contest

The DEI Committee is thrilled to present the awards from our first video contest!

The contest was about sharing a story about a day in your life and help build community, inclusiveness and engagement by bringing your world into ours - be it dealing with COVID and social distancing, protests next door, virtual teaching or learning, family time with pets, or whatever it is that illuminates an aspect of your life. View contest guidelines here

Please let us know if there are any questions or ideas for future contests! You can reach out to cdambros@eng.ucsd.edu

Award Winners

Best Supporting Pet: Cinnamon in "A Day in the Life of Cinnamon"

Best Performance Art: Hand drumming in "A Day in the Life"

Best Workout Routine: 60lb deep squats in "CSE: A Day in the Life of Julian"

Best Special Effects: Dancing and meditation juxtaposition in "A Day in Quarantine"

Best Fine Arts (Visual): Weightlifting stick figures in "Pandemic WFG Workday Repeat"

Best Documentary Feature: Long-haul train travel in "Graduation Travel"

Best Culinary Art: Strawberry Nesquik for Fruits and Vegetables in "A Day in the Life of a CS Major Who's Just Trying to Keep It Together"

Best Wildlife Photography: Black squirrel posing on sidewalk in "A Day in the Life of a CS Student at UCSD"

Best Supporter of DEI Initiatives: Ariana Mirian for carrying the DEI torch

Scavenger Hunt Prize Winners: 1st: Christina Leung, 2nd: Matthew Peng, 3rd: Jasmine Ma