Postdoctoral Fellowship - The Institute for Emerging CORE Methods in Data Science (EnCORE)

Multiple postdoctoral fellowship opportunities are available with The Institute for Emerging CORE Methods in Data Science (EnCORE), a TRIPODS Phase II institute funded by the National Science Foundation. The EnCORE Institute is a collaboration of researchers between UC San Diego, UCLA, UT Austin and Penn. The postdoctoral fellow will have options to be in one or more of these universities and collaborate with EnCORE PIs across disciplines of theoretical computer science and engineering, mathematics, statistics, and applications to domain sciences. For more informations on existing EnCORE team members and the areas of research interest, please see

Postdoctoral team members will also have mentorship opportunities and are expected to participate and organize workshops, seminars and other activities of the EnCORE Institute.

The candidates are encouraged to work with multiple EnCORE faculty members at one or more participating universities. The applicants should have a strong background and a doctorate (by the start date) in a related field of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering. We encourage applications from underrepresented minorities in STEM. All application materials including letters of recommendation should be submitted by January 1, 2024 for full consideration, however the application website will remain open till the positions are filled.

To apply please visit: