General Policies and Procedures

Most CSE employees are paid on a monthly basis, on the first of the month. Employees must report all absences and overtime on their Monthly Absence/Overtime Report during the month in which they occur. Timesheets are due in the department payroll office on the 15th of each month. All absences and overtime occurring prior to the 15th and all planned absences occurring after the 15th should be entered on the current month's time sheet - unplanned absences and overtime occurring after the 15th should be entered on the next month's time sheet in the appropriate section for previous month's adjustment. Your timesheet must be reviewed and signed by your supervisor prior to submission to the department Payroll office. Fairly to submit approved timesheet in a timely manner may result in a delay of pay.

Note for Academic Employees

Academic employees who are on 9 month (or academic year) appointments do not accrue vacation/sick time and thus do not need to submit timesheets. However, 11-month appointees DO accrue vacation at the rate of 16 hours per month (and sick leave at 8 hours per month) and MUST submit timesheets for their absences. Titles that fall under this category include: Research Scientist, Project Scientist, and Research Specialist. It is both the employee and faculty supervisor's responsibility to ensure that timesheets are submitted in a timely manner. For additional information, see Vacation and Sick Leave Policy for 11-Month Employees.