Benefits for Academic Personnel

Eligibility for benefits is determined by an employee's appointment type, percentage and duration. The Academic Affairs Coordinator will provide you with information on which benefits (if any) for which you are eligible and supply you with the required enrollment forms. Newly hired faculty are strongly encouraged to attend a campus benefits orientation, held each Monday from 10:00 am-noon in the Chancellor's Complex 111A. No reservations are necessary. Faculty also have the option of meeting one-on-one with a benefits advisor. These sessions provide in-depth information on health, welfare and retirements plans, as well as a host of other benefits to UCSD employees.

Newly hired faculty have two Periods of Initial Eligibility (PIEs), of 31 days, within which time benefits enrollment must take place. The first PIE begins with the date of the initial appointment (normally July 1st), as long as the faculty member is on pay status on that date. Benefits will be effective on that appointment date. The second PIE begins on the first day of classes (normally last Thursday in September). If benefits enrollment is not completed during the first PIE, faculty may enroll during the second. If the second PIE is used, benefits are effective the first day of classes. There would not be any coverage during July, August and most of September.

Benefits enrollment must take place on-line or by phone.

How to Enroll for Benefits