CSE Building Additional Renderings

These images provide additional views of the Computer Science and Engineering building.

CSE Looking East
The CSE building is located in Warren College as part of a new Engineering Quad on campus. In addition to CSE's building, the Quad includes the Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall and the home of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-IT[2]).

CSE Warren Mall
The CSE building is also home to the Earl Warren College Administrative Complex, including the Office of the Provost. This rendering shows the entrance to Warren College on the west side of the building.

CSE Entry
Entrances from Warren Mall and the academic courtyard are aligned and faced with glass to allow visitors to literally "see through" the center of the building. This feature, combined with a transparent canopy and skylights, creates a glowing column of light when illuminated in the evening.

CSE Interior
"Interaction spaces" for scholarly activity are situated throughout the building on each floor to encourage students, faculty and researchers to drop in to discuss classroom topics, share research ideas or for casual conversations.