CSE197 - Field Study in Computer Science and Engineering



Directed study accompanying full-time on-site computer science internships.  


Consent of the instructor. Department approval required. 

Instructions for CSE 197 / 191 Enrollment Process: 

Students inquiring about the course/program should read the directions and then fill out the application at the following website: https://internshipsymposium.ucsd.edu/

Once a student completes the application process described above, the request for CSE 197 will be routed to obtain the appropriate approvals. If approved, the Office of the Registrar will enroll students in the course. The student will be notified via email that they have been approved to enroll.

  • If a student doesn't meet the course requirements (minimum GPA 2.5 and at least 90 units), or if adding CSE 197 would cause student to exceed unit limits (4 units of Special Studies per quarter and 22 units total per quarter) then college approval is required to add.

Other Restrictions: 

Not more than 4 units of CSE 197 may be used for satisfying graduation requirements. This course counts as Special Studies units - there are limitations on the maximum number of Special Studies units a student can apply toward their CSE major requirements.   


Every quarter.