CSE Showcase: What's Our Impact?

Welcome to the first CSE Showcase: What’s Our Impact? 

Our Department was inspired by the Triton Transfer Storytellers Contest and the beautiful works of art that were produced by participating transfer students. It made us reflect on all of the amazing contributions that UCSD students make to our campus community every day, and the far reaching impact they have on the world as a whole. 

In turn, we wanted to provide students with another opportunity to participate in a fun showcase that explores the concept of CSE’s impact on the world. All UCSD students are invited to reflect on the prompt below and submit a project in response to the topic. Students will have the chance to discuss their projects with CSE Faculty/Instructors who will serve as Research Area Mentors and make new connections within CSE. Two winning projects will be chosen, one by a panel of judges and one by a community vote, to receive a $1,000 and $250 prize respectively.

CSE Showcase Prompt: 

  • Take a step back, look at your journey with computer science and engineering so far. Where does your passion lie within the community? Imagine money and time weren’t a factor - where would that passion take you? How would your passion and knowledge impact the world for better? 

Considering this prompt, submit a project centered on the impact of CSE. Your project must have both a visual component and a written synopsis explaining your personal connection to the topic you chose. Visual components can vary, for example, a painting, narrated video, photography collection, etc. Please review the contest guidelines below for further details on the required project components.

Registration is now closed for the 2021 summer showcase. Please email csestudent@eng.ucsd.edu with any questions!

Contest Guidelines
  • Students must register to participate (the registration form will open on June 14th and close on July 11th). 
  • Must be a UCSD student enrolled in Spring and Fall 2021, and planning to enroll in Winter 2022.
  • Open to both undergraduate and masters students (if enrolled accordingly as listed above).
  • Open to UCSD students in all majors, not just CSE majors.  
  • Students must submit a work that addresses the CSE Showcase Prompt, and includes both a visual component and written synopsis.
  • The visual component could include any form of art which can be submitted through a digital platform. Examples include: photography, videos, paintings, digital art, etc.
    • A note: if you do make a physical form of art, such as a painting or sculpture, we ask that you take a high quality photo(s) to showcase this piece to us. 
  • The written synopsis (1 - 2 pages) must explain your personal connection to the topic of your choice within the showcase prompt. 
  • Submissions will be made to a Google Drive and should be no larger than 10GB.
Contest Timeline

Contest Length: Summer Session 1, 2021 (5 weeks)

  • Registration Opens: Monday, June 14th
  • Registration Closes: Sunday, July 11th at 11:59 PM
  • Open Office Hours with Research Area Mentors Available Between: June 28th - July 9th
  • Showcase Submissions Accepted Between: June 28th - August 12th @ 11:59 PM 

Winners will be announced to campus at CSE's Live Orientation Session

  • Orientation Date: TBA
  • Winning students will be contacted prior to orientation and invited to showcase their project to incoming Fall 2021 CSE students. Students will not be required to present their project themselves if chosen as a winner. If winners do not want to present, their project will be presented by CSE Advising Staff instead.
Research Area Mentors

Throughout the first two weeks of the contest, CSE Faculty/Instructors will be available for consultation about your project submission. You can remotely drop in to their available office hours to discuss anything related to your project, whether that be specific ideas you have or more general discussion questions about the area of CS/CE your project falls into. This is a great opportunity to make a new connection with a CSE Faculty/Instructor and learn more about all of the amazing research happening in the field of CSE!

Instructors will host office hours over Zoom between the dates of June 28th and July 9th. You can find their availability and Zoom meeting details listed on the following google calendar

Meet your 2021 Research Area Mentors! Click on the name of each mentor below to read a brief bio about them, and then drop in to their available office hours listed on the calendar above: 

Prizes & Judging

Prize #1: $1,000 - Winner chosen by a panel of judges.

  • Judges: TBA.

Prize #2: $250 - Winner chosen by a UCSD community vote.

  • Voting will open after the submission deadline has closed, and be available from August 9th - August 27th.
  • Voting will take place through a google form, and must be done so with a @ucsd email address. One vote per @ucsd email address allowed.

For prize #1, judges will be reviewing project submissions according to the following rubric. Please review the rubric prior to your project submission to ensure you are following all contest guidelines and meeting all grading criteria.

Spread the Word!

This contest is open to UCSD students in all majors, so we'd love for everyone on campus to spread the word about this opportunity! Please see available advertising materials that you can download and share at your convenience. Thank you! 

CSE Showcase Advertising Materials Google Folder

Updated 7.12.2021