Kaave Hosseini (Theory Seminar S15)

hosseiniK.jpg"On the structure of spectrum of small sets"
Kaave Hosseini
Monday, May 18th, 2015, 2:00 pm
EBU3B, Room 4258
Let G be a finite abelian group and A a subset of G. The spectrum of A is the set of its large Fourier coefficients. Known combinatorial results on the structure of spectrum, such as Chang’s theorem, become trivial in the regime |A| = |G|^α whenever α ≤ c, where c ≥ 1/2 is some absolute constant. On the other hand, there are statistical results, which apply only to a noticeable fraction of the elements, which give nontrivial bounds even to much smaller sets. One such theorem (due to Bourgain) goes as follows. For a noticeable fraction of pairs γ1, γ2 in the spectrum, γ1 + γ2 belongs to the spectrum of the same set with a smaller threshold. Here we show that this result can be made combinatorial by restricting to a large subset. That is, we show that for any set A there exists a large subset A′ , such that the sumset of the spectrum of A′ has bounded size. Our results apply to sets of size |A| = |G|^α for any constant α > 0, and even in some sub-constant regime.