Graduating PhDs in 2017-2018

Manish Arora

Advisor: Dean Tullsen 
Dissertation Title: Heterogeneity and Density Aware Design of Computing Systems
Current Employment: AMD Research; Sunnyvale, CA; Researcher
home page Email: marora at ucsd dot edu

Alexander Bakst

Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Sequentialization and Synchronization for Distributed Programs
Current Employment: Qualcomm; San Diego, CA; Senior Engineer
home page Email:  abakst at ucsd dot edu

Doruk Beyter 

Advisor: Vineet Bafna
Dissertation Title: From Microbial Communities to Human Cancer: Methods for Exploring Diversity Across Varying Levels of Biological Organization 
Current Employment: Decode Genetics; Reykjavik, Iceland; Research Scientist
Email: dbeyter at ucsd dot edu

Yuncong Chen

Advisor: Yoav Freund 
Dissertation Title: An Active Texture-based Atlas for Automated Mapping of Structures and Markers Across Brains
Current Employment: NEC Labs America; Princeton, NJ; Sr. Assoc Researcher 
home page Email: yuc007 at ucsd dot edu

Viraj Deshpande 

Advisor: Vineet Bafna
Dissertation Title: Computational Methods to Study Genomic Structure and Structural Variation
Current Employment: Illumina Inc.; San Diego, CA; Bioinformatics Scientist
Email: vdeshpan at ucsd dot edu

Manish Gupta 

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta 
Dissertation Title: Software Techniques to Enhance Reliability of Emerging Compute and Memory Units 
Current Employment: NVIDIA; Santa Clara, CA; Senior Deep Learning Engineer 
home page Email: m7gupta at ucsd dot edu

Yuxing 'Danny' Huang 

Advisor: Kirill Levchenko & Alex Snoeren 
Dissertation Title: Using crypto-currencies to track cyber-attacks, speculative investors, and human traffickers
Current Employment: Princeton; Princeton, NJ; Postdoc
home page Email: yuh024 at ucsd dot edu

Xun Jiao

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta 
Dissertation Title: Improved Timing Error Resilience of Microelectronic Computing Systems using Cross-layer Optimizations 
Current Employment: Villanova University; Philadelphia, PA; Assistant  Professor 
home page Email: xujiao at ucsd dot edu

Zhanglong Ji 

Advisor: Charles Elkan & Lucila Ohno-Machado 
Dissertation Title: Learning Information from Data while Preserving Differential Privacy
Current Employment: Noviland Inc.; San Jose, CA; Software Engineer
Email: z1ji at ucsd dot edu

Long Jin

Advisor: Zhuowen Tu 
Dissertation Title: Labeling Transformation and Introspective Learning with Convolutional Nets
Current Employment: Facebook; Menlo Park, CA; Research Scientist
home page Email: longjin at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Ilgweon Kang 

Advisor: CK Cheng
Dissertation Title: Floorplan Representation, Global Placement, and Routability Analysis for VLSI Layout Design Automation
Current Employment: Cadence Design Systems Inc.; San Jose, CA; Lead Software Engineer
Email: i1kang at ucsd dot edu

David Kohlbrenner 

Advisor: Hovav Shacham
Dissertation Title: Trusted Systems for Uncertain Times
Current Employment: UC Berkeley; Berkeley, CA; Postdoc
home page Email: dkohlbre at ucsd dot edu

Jing Li

Advisor: Yannis Papakonstantino & Steven Swanson 
Dissertation Title: Solid State Drives for Big Data and Little Clients
Current Employment: Google; Kirkland, WA; Software Engineer
Email: jil261 at ucsd dot edu

Yuliang Li 

Advisor: Alin Deutsch & Victor Vianu
Dissertation Title: Verification of Hierarchical Data-Driven Workflows
Current Employment: Recruit Institute of Technology; Mountain View, CA; Research Scientist 
home page Email: yul206 at ucsd dot edu

Zachary Lipton

Advisor: Charles Elkan & Julian Mcauley
Dissertation Title: Learning from Temporally-Structures Human Activities Data
Current Employment: Carnegie Mellon; Pittsburgh, PA; Assistant Professor
home page Email: zlipton at ucsd dot edu

Jose Navas Molina

Advisor: Robin Knight
Dissertation Title: Making Pipelines and Large Processing Microbial Community Studies Available to Any User, Any Time, Any Place
Current Employment: Google; Sunnyvale, CA; Software Engineer III
Email: jnavasmo at ucsd dot edu

Zachary Murez

Advisor: David Kriegman & Ravi Ramamoothi
Dissertation Title: Fluorescence, Scattering, and Refraction with a Taste of Deep Learning
Current Employment: Magic Leap; Sunnvale, CA; Sr. Software Engineer
home page Email: zak at murez dot com

Arjun Roy

Advisor: Alex Snoeren & Kenneth Yocum
Dissertation Title: Simplifying Datacenter Fault Detection and Localization
Current Employment: Google; Sunnyvale, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email:  arroy at ucsd dot edu

Stefan Schneider 

Advisor: Ramamohan Paturi
Dissertation Title: Fine-Grained Connections between Exponential and Polynomial Time
Current Employment: Microsoft; London, UK; Software Engineer
home page Email:  stschnei at ucsd dot edu

Eric Seidel 

Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Data-Driven Techniques for Type Error Diagnosis
Current Employment: Bloomberg LP; New York, NY; Software Engineer
home page Email: eseidel at ucsd dot edu

Shuang Song

Advisor: Kamalika Chaudhuri
Dissertation Title: Privacy-Preserving Algorithms for Machine Learning
Current Employment: Google; Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: shs037 at ucsd dot edu

Christopher Tosh

Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta
Dissertation Title: Algorithms for Statistical and Interactive Learning Tasks
Current Employment: Columbia University-Data Science Institute; New York, NY; Postdoc
home page Email: cjtosh at gmail dot com

Yoshiki Vazquez-Baeza

Advisor: Robin Knight
Dissertation Title: Statistical Representations of Microbial Systems 
Current Employment: UC, San Diego; San Diego, CA; Research Scientist
Email: y1vazque at ucsd dot edu

Panagiotis Vekris 

Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Precise Type Checking for JavaScript
Current Employment: Facebook; Menlo Park; Research Scientist
home page Email: pvekris at ucsd dot edu

Michael Walter

Advisor: Daniele Micciancio
Dissertation Title: On the Concrete Security of Lattice-Based Cryptography
Current Employment: Institute of Science and Technology Austria; Vienna, Austria; Non-Tenure Track Postdoc
home page Email: m3walter at ucsd dot edu

Jian Xu

Advisor: Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Revolutionizing Storage Stack for Persistent Memories with NOVA File System 
Current Employment: Google, Sunnyvale, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: jix024 at ucsd dot edu

Tianyin Xu 

Advisor: Yuanyuan Zhou
Dissertation Title: Hardening Cloud and Datacenter Systems against Misconfigurations: Principles and Tool Support
Current Employment: University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign, IL; Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
home page Email: tixu at ucsd dot edu

Chicheng Zhang 

Advisor: Kamalika Chauduri 
Dissertation Title: Active Learning and Confidence-rated Prediction
Current Employment: Microsoft Research; New York, NY; Postdoc
home page Email: chz038 at ucsd dot edu