Graduating PhDs in 2016-2017

Yashar Asgarieh

Advisor: Bill Lin
Dissertation Title: Making the On-Chip World Smaller with Low-Latency On-Chip Networks
Current Employment: NVIDIA; Santa Clara, CA; Software Engineer
Email: yasgarie at ucsd dot edu

Akshay Balsubramani

Advisor: Yoav Freund
Dissertation Title: Playing Games to Reduce Supervision in Learning
Current Employment: Dept. of Genetics/Comp. Sci, Stanford; Palo Alto, CA; Postdoc
home page  Email: abalsubr at ucsd dot edu

Karyn Benson

Advisor: Kimberly Claffy and Alex Snoeren 
Dissertation Title: Leveraging Internet Background Radiation for Opportunistic Network Analysis
Current Employment: Akamai; Cambridge, MA, Performance Engineer 
home page Email: kbenson at ucsd dot edu

Meenakshi Bhaskaran

Advisor: Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Micro-Architecture and Systems Support for Emerging Non-Volatile Memories
Current Employment: Isha Foundation; McMinnville, TN; Volunteer
home page  Email: koushi007 at gmail dot com

Alexander Breslow

Advisor: Dean Tullsen
Dissertation Title: Software Management of Memory Subsystem Contention on Multicore Systems
Current Employment: AMD Research; Sunnyvale, CA; Senior Design Engineer
home page  Email: abreslow at ucsd dot edu

Ruining He

Advisor: Julian John Mcauley
Dissertation Title: Building Rich Recommender Systems by Modeling Visual, Sequential, and Relational Signals
Current Employment: Pinterest Inc; San Francisco, CA; Research Scientist
home page Email: r4he at ucsd dot edu

Peng Huang

Advisor: Yuanyuan Zhou
Dissertation Title: Toward Understanding and Dealing with Failures in Cloud-Scale Systems
Current Employment: Johns Hopkins University, Microsoft Research; Bellevue, WA; Postdoc Researcher, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
home page Email: peh003 at ucsd dot edu

Tariq Iqbal

Advisor: Laurel Riek
Dissertation Title: Coordination Dynamics in Human-Robot Teams
Current Employment: MIT; Cambridge, MA; PostDoc
home page Email: tiqbal at ucsd dot edu

Xinxin Jin

Advisor: Yuanyuan Zhou
Dissertation Title: Tooling and Language Support for Robust and Easy Network Programming of Mobile Applications
Current Employment: Whova Inc; San Diego, CA; Software Engineer
home page  Email: x7jin at ucsd dot edu

Yanqin Jin

Advisor: Yannis Papakonstantino
Dissertation Title: Modernizing Storage Device Interface for Performance and Reliability
Current Employment: Alluxio; San Mateo, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: y7jin at ucsd dot edu

Alan Leung

Advisor: Sorin Lerner
Dissertation Title: Constructing Parsers by Example via Interactive Program Synthesis
Current Employment: TBA
home page Email: atl017 at ucsd dot edu

Wilson Wing-Soon Lian

Advisor: Stefan Savage and Hovav Shacham
Dissertation Title: JIT Spraying Threats on ARM and Defense by Diversification
Current Employment: Google, Inc; Mountain View, CA; Software Engineer
home page  Email: wlian at ucsd dot edu

"Robert" Yang Liu

Advisor: Steven Swanson 
Dissertation Title: Systems and Algorithm Support for Efficient Heterogeneous Computing with GPUs
Current Employment: TBA
home page  Email: yal036 at ucsd dot edu

Mohsen Malmir

Advisor: Garrison Cottrell 
Dissertation Topic: Perceptual Algorithms for Social Robots in Early Childhood Education
Current Employment: Mitek; San Diego, CA; Machine Learning Researcher
Email: mmalmir at ucsd dot edu

Pietro Mercati

Advisor: Tajana Rosing 
Dissertation Title: Power, Thermal, Reliability and Variability Management of Mobile Devices
Current Employment: Intel Corporation; Portland, OR; Research Scientist
home page Email: pmercati at ucsd dot edu

Daniel Moeller

Advisor: Ramamohan Paturi
Dissertation Title: Exploiting Structure in the Stable Matching Problem
Current Employment: ViaSat; Carlsbad, CA; Software Engineer
home page Email: dmoeller at ucsd dot edu

Siddhartha Nath 

Advisor: Andrew Kahng
Dissertation Title: New applications of Learning-Based Modeling in Nanoscale Integrated-Circuit Design 
Current Employment: Synopsys; Sunnvale, CA; Sr. Staff R&D Engineer
home page  Email: sinath at ucsd dot edu

Daniel Ricketts

Advisor: Sorin Lerner
Dissertation Title: Verification of Sampled-Data Systems using Coq
Current Employment: Oracle; Seattle, WA; Software Engineer
home page Email: daricket at ucsd dot edu

Olivia Simpson 

Advisors: Fan Graham
Dissertation Title: Local and Distributed Computation for Large Graphs
Current Employment: Adobe; San Francisco, CA; Data Scientist
home page  Email: osimpson at ucsd dot edu

Niki Vazou

Advisors: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Liquid Haskell: Haskell as a Theorem Prover
Current Employment: University of Maryland; College Park, MD; Postdoc
home page  Email: nvazou at ucsd dot edu

Jagannathan Venkatesh

Advisors: Tajana Rosing
Dissertation Title: A Context-Aware Approach to Residential Grid Automation
Current Employment: Google; Irvine, CA; Software Engineer
home page  Email: jvenkate at ucsd dot edu

Mingxun Wang

Advisor: Nuno Bandeira
Dissertation Title: Spectral Library Construction and Matching of MS/MS Spectra at Repository Scales
Current Employment: Ming Wang Consulting LLC; San Diego, CA; Founder
home page Email: miw023 at ucsd dot edu

Michael Wei

Advisors: Steven Swanson
Dissertation Title: Corfu: A Platform for Scalable Consistency
Current Employment: VMWARE Research; Palo Alto, CA; Researcher
home page  Email: m3wei at ucsd dot edu

Ming Woo-Kawaguchi

Advisors: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: High-Level Liquid Types
Current Employment: Harvard University; Cambridge, MA; Postdoctoral Scholar
home page  Email: mwookawa at ucsd dot edu

Yan Yan 

Advisors: Willian Griswold 
Dissertation Title: Continuous Semantic Inspection
Current Employment: Facebook; Menlo Park, CA; Research Scientist
Email: yayan at ucsd dot edu

Hao Zhuang

Advisors: CK Cheng
Dissertation Title: Exponential Time Integration for Transient Analysis of Large-Scale Circuits
Current Employment: ANSYS, Inc.; San Jose, CA; Software Engineer
home page  Email: hazhuang at ucsd dot edu