Graduating PhDs in 2013-2014

Baris Arslan

Advisor: Alex Orailoglu
Dissertation Title: Adaptive Test Cost and Quality Optimization Through an Effective Yet Efficient Delivery of Chip Specific Tests
Current Employment: Sehir University, Computer Science and Engineering Dept.; Istanbul, Turkey; Asst Prof.
Email: barslan at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Elizabeth Bales

Advisor: William Griswold
Dissertation Title: Supporting Implicit Mobile Communitcation: Harnessing Ubiquitous Sensors for Context and Content to Support Social Connection
Current Employment: Google; Seattle, WA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: earrowsm at ucsd dot edu

Christopher Barngrover

Advisor: Ryan Kastner
Dissertation Title: Automated Detection of Mine-Like Objects in Side Scan Sonar Imagery
Current Employment: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific; San Diego, CA; Computer Scientist 
home page   Email: cbarngrover at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Garo Bournoutian

Advisor: Alex Orailoglu
Dissertation Title: Architectural and Software Optimizations for Next-Generation Heterogeneous Low-Power Mobile Application Processors
Current Employment: Qualcomm; San Diego, California; Staff Engineer
home page   Email: garo at ucsd dot edu

Ravi Chugh

Advisor: Ranjit Jhala
Dissertation Title: Nested Refinements for JavaScript
Current Employment: University of Chicago; Chicago, IL; Assistant Professor 
home page   Email: rchugh at cs dot uchicago dot edu

Arup De

Advisor: Rajesh Gupta
Dissertation Title: A Compute Capable SSD Architecture for Next-Generation Non-Volatile Memories
Current Employment: HGST Inc,Western Digital Company; San Jose, CA; Research Staff 
Email: arup dot de at gmail dot com

Anshuman Gupta

Advisor: Michael Taylor
Dissertation Title: Software and Hardware Techniques for Attacking the Multicore Interference Problem
Current Employment: Google; Mountainview, CA; Software Engineer 
Email: a2gupta at eng dot ucsd dot edu

Matthew Jacobsen

Advisors: Ryan Kastner
Dissertation Title: Smart Frame Grabber: A Hardware Accelerated Computer Vision Framework
Current Employment: Google; Irvine, CA; Software Engineer
Email: matt dot jacobsen at gmail dot com

Sriram Keelveedhi Ravinarayanan

Advisor: Mihir Bellare
Dissertation Title: Encryption When Messages and Keys Are Related
Current Employment: Google; San Francisco, CA; Security Engineer 
home page   Email: skeelvee at ucsd dot edu

Jason Kimball

Advisor: Falko Kuester
Dissertation Title: A Scalable Streaming Framework for Video-Driven Collaborative Visualization Environments
Current Employment: Self Employed; Los Angeles, CA; owner
Email: jkimball at ucsd dot edu

Christos Kozanitis

Advisors: Vineet Bafna & George Varghese 
Dissertation Title: Compressing and Querying the Human Genome
Current Employment: UC Berkeley; Berkeley, CA; Postdoc
home page   Email: kozanitis at berkeley dot edu

Sarah Meiklejohn

Advisor: Mihir Bellare
Dissertation Title: Flexible Models for Secure Systems
Current Employment: University College London Dept. Computer Scinece; London, UK; Asst. Professor Tenure-Track
home page  Email: s dot meiklesohn at uc dot ac dot uk 

Jason Oberg

Advisors: Ryan Kastner
Dissertation Title: Testing Hardware Security Properties and Identifying Timing Channels
Current Employment: Tortuga Logic,Inc; San Diego,CA; CEO&Co-Founder
Email: jason at tortugalogic dot com

Yonghahk Albert Park

Advisors: Roger Levy & Garrison Cottrell 
Dissertation Title: Whole Sentence Spelling and Grammar Correction Using a Noisy Channel Model 
Current Employment: LG Electronics; Seoul, Korea; Chief Research Engineer 
Email: yapark at ucsd dot edu

Kim Son Pham

Advisor: Pavel Pevzner
Dissertation Title: Genome Assembly and Comparison
Current Employment: SALK Institute; San Diego, CA.; Postdoc
home page   Email: kspham at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Andreas Pitsillidis

Advisors: Stefan Savage & Geoffrey Voelker
Dissertation Title: Spam Value Chain: Defensive Intervention Analysis
Current Employment: Google; NY, NY; Software Engineer 
home page   Email: apitsill at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Sivasankar Radhakrishnan

Advisor: Mohammed Vahdat
Dissertation Title: Network Performance Improvements For Web Services - An End-to-End View
Current Employment: Forward Networks; Mountain View, CA; Member of Technical Staff
home page   Email: ssradhak at ucsd dot edu

Filippo Seracini

Advisor: Ingolf Krueger
Dissertation Title: A Proactive Top-Down Approach to Dynamic Allocation of Resources in Data Centers
Current Employment: Microsoft; Redmond, WA; System Center group: Program Manager
home page   Email: fiseraci at microsoft dot com

Richard Strong 

Advisors: Tajana S. Rosing & Dean Tullsen 
Dissertation Title: Low-Latency Techniques for Improving System Energy Efficiency
Current Employment: Google; Irvine, CA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: r dot d dot strong at gmail dot com

Matus Telgarsky

Advisor: Sanjoy Dasgupta
Dissertation Title: Duality and Data Dependence in Boosting
Current Employment: Univ. of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI; Postdoc
home page   Email: mtelgars at cs dot ucsd dot edu

Daniel Turner

Advisors: Alex Snoeren & Stefan Savage
Dissertation Title: Opportunistically Reconstructing a Network's Failure History
Current Employment: Turbo Squid; New Orleans, LA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: djturner at cs dot ucsd dot edu 

Catherine Wah

Advisor: Serge Belongie
Dissertation Title: Leveraging Human Perception and Computer Vision Algorithms for Interactive Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
Current Employment: Google; Venice, CA; Software Engineer
home page   Email: catherine dot wah at gmail dot com 

Kevin Webb

Advisors: Alex Snoeren & Ken Yocum
Dissertation Title: A Network Control Platform for Performance Isolation and Modular Composition 
Current Employment: Swarthmore College; Swarthmore, PA; Asst. Professor
home page   Email: kcwebb at cs dot swathmore dot edu

Ting-Fan Wu

Advisors: Javier Movellan & Gary Cottrell
Dissertation Title: Machine Learning for Humanoid Robot Modeling and Control
Current Employment: Institute of Human Machine and Cognition; Pensacola, FL; Postdoc
home page   Email: t3wu at cs dot ucsd dot edu